Alessandra Ambrosio carries a tan Hermes bag in LA (1)

Here’s Alessandra Ambrosio, carrying a tan leather Hermes Evelyne Bag (and rocking a matching Hermes belt) while shopping at the Chanel flagship boutique on Robertson Boulevard in LA. This seems to be a new purchase for Alessandra, as it didn’t appear in our very recent edition of “The Many Bags of Alessandra Ambrosio.” Alessandra does have a well-documented affection for Chanel, however. Hermes used to vend the Evelyne on their website, but sadly, that no longer seems to be the case.

We feature a LOT of supermodel celebs on PurseBlog (they always carry great bags), but I have a soft spot for Alessandra and her breezy, casual personal style. (And her short shorts. So, so many short shorts.) While the Miranda Kerrs and Rosie Huntington-Whiteleys of the world always look professionally styled to a tee, Alessandra’s looks let us believe that she might actually dress herself in the morning. (Which is, I’m sure, exactly what her stylist would like us to believe.)

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  • Petra B.

    I don’t like this bag at all. It doesn’t scream luxury at all!

    • Sophie Proust

      Why does it have to “scream luxury”? That seems to suggest that the only reason for carrying a nice bag (or anything that’s well-made and enjoyable to use) is for it to scream at people, “Look, I’m luxurious!”

      • Petra B.

        In my opinion, for a bag to have a hefty price tag like the evelyn, with a shape that is oh so not special or unique (rather tame shape, in my taste) is outrageous. However, I do agree with you.

  • H_watch

    Too much H with the belt and the bag… tacky.

  • Kate

    The Evelyne is a great bag. I recently bought two on the Hermes website. Love it cross bodied

    • ggirl

      did the website have variety of colors? we don’t have a store and when i called to buy from store they wouldn’t allow me i have to go personally to a store to buy but online i cant find the color i want :(

  • princess

    love her casual outfit


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