Victoria Beckham Fall 2012 Handbags (14)

I know, I know. It’s hard to separate the old image of Victoria Beckham, the Spice Girl and soccer WAG who used to permanently occupy the worst dressed list, from the New, Improved Victoria Beckham of the past several years, who always looks impeccably put together and who runs one of the only legitimate celebrity-backed fashion lines in the business. Beckham’s is one of the most profound style shifts in recent memory, but at this point, though, you conflate the new with the old at your own peril – the Victoria Beckham Fall 2012 handbags are THAT good.

See that bag up there? Luxurious, just minimal enough, dove grey with a gorgeous dark sage python inset? It’s among the chicest handbags that I’ve seen from any designer for Fall 2012, and that’s including all the big handbag names who have all the money in the world to hire the best accessories designers. Victoria has done a lot of stuff correctly with her fledging line, including hiring incredibly talented people to bring her vision to life. Don’t deny yourselves something great just because of the name associated with it – that’s just as silly as buying a terrible bag only because it’s from a brand you like. Check out the full collection after the jump.

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  • gpc

    they are beautiful bags.  i see a bit of celine and lanvin inspiration, maybe?  amanda, any price point on the dove gray/python satchel?

    • Amanda Mull

      Yep, I can definitely see both Celine and Lanvin in these bags. We don’t have price points yet, but my guess would be $4k, based on the all-leather VB price points for similarly sized bags. I really wish the brand would drop the prices just a little, that’s really my only complaint. 

  • Sandra Rowley

    While I will agree that the dove gray satchel is lovely, how much is it?  Many of the bags shown remind me (and I am sure almost everyone else) of Celine, and they are probably twice as much money.  At what point are we being ripped off?  I will stick with Celine myself….

  • monica

    I love her handbags hes amazing at what she does!

  • abandonedimages

    Hint of tod’s, too. I love so many of these, but they’re so overpriced though!

  • Julie Patterson Brinkerhoff

    Love her bags.  But nothing I can afford yet.  Personally, if I could spend that much I’d want another Louis Vuitton.  But she does have some amazing bags.

  • 19yearslater

    Don’t Mary-Kate and Ashley have a pretty successful fashion line, too?

    • Alexis

      They do it’s called the The Row.

    • Amanda Mull

      They do, we cover it regularly. The Row is what I had in mine when I said VB’s was “one of” the only legit celebrity-backed line.

  • Abbi

    I love her structured leather tote’s.

    She has the right combination of leather to hardware in my opinion and i think The Row could take some pointers from her in designing and especially pricing…(my opinion!)

  • In

    non c’è una forma, una combinazione colore che non abbia riferimento diretto con le collezioni Celina….fatte bene, non c’è che dire, ma manca la creatività.

    • Insiavally

      Agree with you…. I wish she were more creative and gave something more special to her line

  • Rashida

    I really think she has a lovely collection… timeless and striking…

  • Victoire90

    I felt one of her latest small shoulder bag ( and I was underwhelmed by the leather quality and craftsmanship. The leather was stiff, the stitching was not even straight enough and the sealant looked a little carelessly done. Doesn’t help that the design wasn’t even that innovative. Granted that this bag is not one of her more expensive bags but I thought the quality was only equivalent to MBMJ. Overpriced.

  • Babette

    No!!! Victoria Beckham is not a good handbag designer, she has to show originality not a copy or so called inspirations from other designers creation. Like lanvin, celine, chanel, chloe or lv.

    Do something different from other brands, design a bag that you can call your own. Don’t be a copycat!!!

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