Valentino Tuxedo Nappa Frame Bag

Tuxedo is the perfect adjective to describe this handbag. Put together, classy, and maybe even a little up tight. Yet this stoic look works out well, for a very put together outfit and lady. The Valentino Tuxedo Nappa Frame Bag is named perfectly, for its pintucked and bow accent to give the bag a tuxedo style. While I can see the tuxedo resemblance, I also see the resemblance of a simple bowling bag with a bow slapped on top. So I am on the fence, and need a nudge to either side. The magnetic frame closure adds a structured look, along with the goldtone logo plaque. Dimensions are 16″W X 13″H X 4″D. Available at Saks for $1795.

Now nudge me to the right side of the fence, because I am stuck in the middle.

Valentino Tuxedo Nappa Frame Bag1

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  • Kathey

    Its a nice design bag for that sophisticated lady. My grandmother owns this bag. The playful bow at the top reminds me a little of a school girl, I have no clue why but it does lol. A bit pricey. If was around $950, then it would be fine.

    The material and shpae is well put together. Very classic!

    Have A good day! :D

  • Ejura

    I got this bag as a gift and am pleasantly surprised to find out that it costs this much. Call me materialistic lol! Mine is in navy and brown though

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