Ted Baker Day Bag Plait HandleAnd last on the list for this Viewer’s Choice Monday is the request for some Ted Baker. Issmom, a loyal member of the Purse Forum, wrote: “He’s a British designer I mostly knew for his men’s shirts but his bags are really cute and well priced. The one I’ve attached is a great alternative to a Kooba and its only $220. The website is www.tedbaker.com and you can click on womenswear and then bags. Great stuff. “Issmom, thanks so much for the info- many of us would love to learn about designers with beautiful bags that don’t cost us a car payment. The Ted Baker Day Bag Plait Handle is quite the beautiful tan leather bag with no information to go along with it. For now, we can just look at the beauty of the bag and wonder about the specs (unless any of you have any more info). Buy this bag for $220 through Ted Baker’s official site.

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