Megs and I are off for today. Where to? To Munich, where a red Paddington is awaiting our arrival! :-D

All morning I’ve been trying to hunt down one of the precious bags, and finally the Chloe boutique in downtown Munich confirmed that they have both the red and the blue Paddies in stock. Woot! Hence, sorry for lack of updates today, we’ll be on the road for 12 hours. Wish us luck!

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  • Linda Nguyen

    good luck & staysafe!

  • Christie

    only a true pair of handbag lovers would drive 12 hours to get a bag. chloe is well worth it though ;)

  • Apple

    what did you get?!!! dying to know! =)

  • billyjoe

    ya wat did u get? :D

  • Naggy

    I have a bleu nuit from 2005 and even though it is worn down at the handles pretty badly by a different owner, I think I’ll keep it. (ipad)

  • KY

    The Chloe looks beautiful!! (ipad)

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