A very Happy Halloween to you all! Vlad and I have been out wandering our neighborhood, which is known for the best trick-or-treating on the East side of Fort Lauderdale. And we were total party poopers, as we were not dressed up. Our house on the other hand, has massive 3 ft spiders crawling about along with spiderweb on all three levels. But today I was conscious enough to take my Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini in tangerine, which got me in the Halloween spirit. And in the very least, even if you are not a big fan of Halloween, at least opt for a purse that goes with the holiday.

And for some my orange and black picks, I would opt for the Marc Jacobs Palais Royal Bag in orange leather, $895, or the Jimmy Choo Saba Python Bag in black, $4,495. No explanation, just two choices for an orange or black handbag! Buy both through Net A Porter.

What did you wear for Halloween? Did you opt for a Halloween spirited bag?

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  • FM

    YA I DID!!!!! Giant Black balenciaga enveloppe clutch for the most fab halloween party in Paris!

  • GRDesign

    I always carry my LV Epi Alma in Mandarin on Halloween!!

  • jessie

    I did! I was Barbie and had my lovely pink bow clutch, it was the perfect accessory to my costume – http://www.jennywashere.com/shop/barbie/barbie-metallic-hot-pink.aspx

  • Anilu Magloire

    That Jimmy Choo is wickedly gorgeous!!!!

  • Mama

    Linea Pelle Sherry Piper Foldover Clutch, a perfect pumpkin slice !

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