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10 Things to Love About Handbags

The day has come! Today is the first annual National Handbag Day, a holiday which we founded this year to celebrate our clearly undying passion for the things that help us schlep around our stuff. We’ve been preparing all week, with everything from a handbag travelogue to a handbag playlist, and now we’re ready to unleash the rest of our holiday glee, including a big giveaway announcement at noon.

Prada Saffiano Floral Twin Pocket Tote

Watching bags come down the runway is fun, but I always vastly prefer spotting new bags for pre-order to scoping out a fashion show. Even the earliest retail pre-orders, as you might guess, are far more indicative of what consumers can actually expect to see in stores than bags that are included in shows, which, as you guys recently pointed out, are often super weird.

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  • Saint Laurent Medium Denim Shoulder Bag
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  • Tom Ford Natalia Shoulder Bag
  • Lanvin Leather Ballet Flats
  • Saint Laurent Curtis Fringed Suede Jacket
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Prada Fairy Bags

When it comes to bags, nothing worse than passing up something you love and then regretting it. We’ve all been there – something catches our eye, we hesitate, it’s gone forever and then we obsess about it endlessly.

Chanel Classic Flap Bag in Alligator

If you’ve found your way here, you’ve probably spent quite a bit of money on designer handbags in your life, and I’d venture a guess that not all of those bags are in your current rotation.

Portero Classic Handbags and Watches

Sure, it’s fun to buy cute seasonal stuff to get yourself in the mood for a coming change in the weather. Raffia bags in summer, fur bags in winter – those things have their place. When building a covetable wardrobe of designer handbags, fine watches and jewelry, though, the seasonal stuff isn’t always what makes the world go ’round.

Belstaff Nottingham Bag

One of my favorite shows from New York Fashion Week was Belstaff. I know many of you don’t think of the brand when you think of designers that show in New York, but with the resurgence of the brand, be prepared to have the Belstaff name in your repertoire.

We Love Portero

The web is vast, and with its vastness comes so many sites that would like to sell us designer bags that it can be hard to decide which sites we love and trust most. When online shopping is your job, you become highly aware of the best.

PurseBlog Bag Shop MyHabit

Every day at 12 pm EST, I click my way over to MYHABIT to see exactly what they have in store for the day so I can shop amazing items at even better prices. The shipping is so fast (similar to MYHABIT’s parent company, Amazon), and the product selection continues to grow.

Loewe Resort 2013 Handbags (7)

If you’ve never seen a Loewe bag in person, you really should. They’re hard to find in most American cities, but they’re becoming a bit more common, and holding one in your hands is wildly different than seeing it on a computer screen.

Victoria Beckham Fall 2012 Handbags (14)

I know, I know. It’s hard to separate the old image of Victoria Beckham, the Spice Girl and soccer WAG who used to permanently occupy the worst dressed list, from the New, Improved Victoria Beckham of the past several years, who always looks impeccably put together and who runs one of the only legitimate celebrity-backed fashion lines in the business.

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