Old Navy Brocade PurseAlthough this bag may not be the most gorgeous bag in the world, if you have been on the search for a creamy-goldy bag, you can’t go wrong for a bag under $20. Old Navy actually has quite some deals going on now with bags (a few for a mere $5!!!). The Old Navy Women’s Brocade Purse is available in both oxygen (shown) and pink. This is a pouch-shaped shoulder bag with a little extra bling from its shimmering brocade. The inside won’t leave you sad, because you will feel silky satin lining and find a zipper pocket. If your wondering what the outside is really made of, it is a polyester mix with other fibers. I guess I just really like this bag because I’ve been looking for sophisticated bag which isn’t afraid to come in contact with some boozed up businessmen that might add a stain or two to the bag. If you are on a budget, I don’t see anyone saying this bag doesn’t fit their spending availability. This bag can be purchased for $19.50 through Old Navy. (Oh yea, I said $19.50).

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