Henry Cuir Crocodile Eucaliptus Bag

I will be the first to admit that my collection of handbags lacks a croc bag. It makes me sad at times, like I am doing exotic bags an injustice. Don’t get me wrong, I want a croc bag but I just have to find the perfect one. And right now, as much as a croc Birkin would be amazing, it is not on the ‘I can afford this or even get my hands on it’ realistic list. I am fairy certain that I will add a Nancy Gonzalez croc bag to my collection soon, but there can still be contenders. It is time to check out a bag and say Yay or Nay! The Henry Cuir Crocodile Eucaliptus Bag is a large frame bag made with a softer looking croc skin and chunky stitching. I am not really drawn to it. It looks like the croc piece starts over after the middle break in the bag, which is a major turn off to me. Even the coloring looks different, while I would want a mirror image when split down the middle. And it is still pricey; a whopping $6200 via Barneys.

So what do you say? Yay or Nay?

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  • InvadeMyCloset

    :mrgreen: I totally adore Henry Cuir bags….the prices will make you scream :shock: but they have a very classic appearance!!!

  • Katie Hart

    i say nay to the Henry Cuir bag-sorry :neutral:

  • WT

    I say Nah too… Croc bags needs to have a more refine stitching for them, otherwise its taking away all the attention needed on the Croc skin itself.

  • jackie

    the bag is not that striking. it screams cheap to me – even though it cost more to pay than your average mortgage.

  • Judyz

    I think it’s interesting-certainly edgier than Nancy Gonzales-but in that price range I’d say nay and go for Bottega Veneta

  • raquel

    i say yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! the whole point of this bag is the fact that its off kilter and not so formal and dressy it has a casual urban but luxurious feel and look to it! i mean a birkin and a bottega veneta is nice but its just too structured! sometimes you just want a luxurious bag that you can even take to the country and not look out of place!

  • Naggy

    This is horrible. (ipad)

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