Prada Fairy Bag

Back in Spring 2008 when the Prada Fairy Bags came out, I was still a college student on the cusp of graduating from the University of Georgia with a journalism degree. I had yet to start writing freelance posts for PurseBlog at the time, but I would in the coming months. Commensurate with my preppy collegiate surroundings, my wardrobe included a lot of sundresses and polo shirts, a look with which these bags wouldn’t quite fit. Besides, the Fairy were so highly sought-after at the time, that even if I had convinced myself to buy one of them, they would have been sold out by the time I pulled together my meager college-student wages from my job at Best Buy. Instead, I merely admired everyone else’s bags, decked out in prints by artist James Jean, over at the PurseForum.

It’s been six full years since the Fairy Bags debuted on the Milan runway and my personal style has shifted by leaps and bounds in the interim. For how I dress today (and for how thoroughly and totally I’ve come to love Prada), these bags would be totally perfect. Even though there were some highly publicized issues with ink bleeding on these bags, I still find myself perusing eBay every now and then, hoping to come across that rare bag in perfect condition. It hasn’t happened yet, but six years later, hope springs eternal.

Prada Fairy Bags
  • Joan

    I saw that exact balenciaga on ebay a long time ago and it haunts me as well. It was being sold by a reputable seller and I lost in the last minute bidding war (I hate that) it sold for around $800.

  • FashionableLena

    I am not a fan of the Balenciaga City bag, but I wanted one in that metallic pink. I also remember seeing a PS1 on Leighton Meester in purple suede that I wanted. I also go on eBay every once and a while to see if a reputable seller has one.

  • Flaw

    The one that haunts me is a brown leather satchel, my first handbag, which I got for my 18th birthday and which got stolen two years later. The leather was as soft as butter, the shade was gorgeous and I never saw it again anywhere else. It was from an argentinian brand, XL, who stopped selling that particular design. I still miss it

  • Stace

    Bea, this exact Givenchy bag is currently being sold here in Canada at Holt Renfrew (our version of Neiman Marcus or Saks). It just came in for fall so if you still love it, contact one of the stores. :)

  • Michelle Lim

    The Prada fairy bags are TO DIE FOR. Damn!

  • Michelle Lim

    The Prada fairy bags are TO DIE FOR. Damn!

  • Shelby

    The one that got away from me was the Louis Vuitton Monogramouflage Speedy. I loved that bag!

  • lvo

    louis vuitton watercolor speedy

    • LASauceda

      Ugh I agree! I totally regret not getting that bag.

  • Guest

    Louis Vuitton Murakami Series

  • Catherine

    My regrets are the ones that I owned in the past and sold, and now will never be able to replace. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

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