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We have all been doing it. Sitting here getting rather bored with spring and summer bags and waiting patiently impatiently for the fall and winter bags to arrive. Net A Porter wants to give us a sneak peek, letting us know that new bags will be on their way and sharing a few of them with us. The array of designer handbags includes a cream python Chloe Paraty, a Bottega Veneta intricate number, the Alexander McQueen Knuckle Buster Clutch we featured this week, a studded Louboutin clutch, and a funky McQueen foldover bag with a glove attached among others. All I can say is FINALLY!

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  • The glove clutch is McQueen too, I’m saving it for next week to write about it!

  • Is it on NAP yet?? I LOVE IT!


    how ironic! i just blogged about the glove clutch today! have to agree with you megs…i’m just so excited about new bags!

    michael st. james

  • lawlynn

    I want to open a shop online that sell Louis Vuitton scarfs. but i
    don’t know whether there are people coming to buy. dear all,
    can you give me some suggestion?

  • Mandy

    Hooray! Fall bags!

  • Fiona

    I will definitely buy the Alexander McQueen Knuckle Duster Clutch!!!
    I love limited edition bags, like the Vuitton Alaïa from 1996 , the Murakami sold at the MOCA or the new Stephen Sprouse collection.They will always have an intrinsic value.What I hate the most is to buy a “trendy” bag and 4 months later, to see it on sale for half the price…

  • Lili

    Hi, as anyone seen the new chloe paraty in taupe?

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