I am always intrigued by designers I don’t know much about. Last week I wrote about the Giorgio Brato Distressed Leather Bag. When I don’t know much about certain designers, I love to read the comments the post receives on the blog and on the Purse Forum. Granted, I always love reading the comments about each post, but when just being turned onto a new designer I am always eager to see if anyone else knows something more about the designer, the design or the line.

When I saw the Giorgio Brato Asymmetrical Pleated Bag I instantly wanted to touch my computer in hopes of actually feeling the leather. I without a doubt must get my hands on a Giorgio Brato handbag one of these days. Tell me if you disagree, but this leather looks not only 100% touchable but also down right gorgeous. Although some of you were less than impressed by the Distressed Leather Bag, do you find yourself liking this one a bit more? The pleating demonstrates the craftmanship and attention to detail put into the handbag. Pleating this kind of leather can look rushed if not done correctly, but I have no complaints with what I see. Double rolled handles, zippers inside and out prove that the bag doesn’t just look good, but is also functional. Buy though Shop Bop for $1,070.

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  • wgs

    not bad….kind of like any old generic leather bag…nothing special.

  • MizzJ

    Very nice and the leather does look super soft. I just want to run my hands on it!! However, the price for a somewhat unknown designer makes me pause. I’d have to feel the quality of workmanship before I’d splurge on this one.


  • Anilu Magloire

    Hmm… I’m not feeling this one. It’s blah.

  • daisyjane

    Nothing special. Kind of 80’s looking, maybe?

  • assi

    Reminds me of a shar-pei – same wrinkles.

  • karopatty

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