I don’t know about you, but the name Salvatore Ferragamo tends to make my heart skip a beat. My love for Ferragamo doesn’t stop at handbags; from shoes to clothing to handbags, I am seldom disappointed. As much as I love hearing about exclusives, I have to say, I am ten times more thrilled to share great news and insight with others. For example, this Ferragamo Exclusive from SmartBargains. SmartBargains has been known to offer amazing designer handbags at a price which could be a little easier on the wallet. You’ve seen some of the drop dead gorgeous Ferragamo handbags we’ve discussed in the past. Of all the Ferragamo handbags included, I keep finding myself gravitating towards the Salvatore Ferragamo Black Leather Marianna Tote for $799.98. Of course it is still a bit pricey but so much easier to swallow than the original $1,190 price tag. Plus, these purses are without a doubt a great investment. Not too fond of this handbag but want to have a Ferragamo bag to choose from? Click here to check out all the amazing options!

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  • Anilu Magloire

    I don’t like this… It looks sloppy and poorly made for a SF.

  • Merve

    I must say Mr Ferragamo has started pulling on my heart strings

  • Christine

    I visited SmartBargains by clicking the link you provided, and I went directly to browse Bottega bags. It’s interesting that all three of their BV bags have no lining…

  • assi

    I kind of like it. Needs a little time to get used to the shape – but interesting.

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