Wowie zowie folks. This is a lot of bag for such a little bag. While my first reaction was, “this bag isn’t for me”, there is no doubt that this is actually a great statement piece if you have both the event and the funds for it. So instead of just moving onto the next bag, I decided that this is the kind of bag worth dissecting a bit. While your first instinct might say, “hot mess”, there is actually a bit of brilliance behind the Donna Karan Jewelry Chandelier Leather Pouch Bag.


This black leather drawstring pouch is adorned with metal chain and crystal embellishments throughout. Again, at first glance I was wondering what all that stuff was hanging off of the bag, but thanks to the zoom feature I was able to see an up close perspective. Actually, this is one of the few times the best way to discuss the detail is with a laundry list. This bag has a metal mesh trim with transparent crystal studs, silver and bronze tone metal chain fringe, multicolored Swarovski crystal-studded fringe, chain-trimmed paneling, a shoulder strap and a gunmetal chain handle which can be tucked inside the bag if you don’t want to use it.

But here is my question: even with all the embellishments and knowing that this could be a great investment piece, is it worth the hefty price tag? Buy through Net-a-Porter for $2295.

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  • Beth

    W-a-a-a-a-y too pricey, but extremely HOT. If someone gave it to me? I’d carry it every Saturday night!

  • AA

    That looks like a lightbulb! lol I think it is a “hot mess” and is not worth it! Especially for Donna Karan, I’d rather get another Chanel!

  • Bridget

    Ya, just too expensive.

  • robertsn6534

    I do fancy the shape of the bag, although I must admit the mass of chains do make the bag seem a little “cheap” which is ironic since the price tag is over 2K.

  • Bobbi

    The bottom of the shape kind of reminds me of a wasp’s stinger, sort of elegant and lethal. I could live with chains on a cheapy bag for night out, but the draw string is something I will never remotely like.

  • dierregi

    Although I also find it strangely attractive, it looks a bit like a rugby ball with strings attached…

  • quality bags

    $2295 of this piece from a non-bag designer? What are they thinking?

  • Claire

    It looks like something Stevie Nicks would carry!

  • Jane

    First time I saw it I dismissed it, but now looking at it again it really would be a great statement bag for that right girl. The price is ruff, but swarvoski crystals do add lots of 0’s do the product.

  • 19yearslater

    I don’t really like it. Why is the bottom pointy?

  • Lori

    It must weigh like 15lbs. I think it’s too much money for Donna Karan. I agree with the person who said they would just get another Chanel. Smart.

  • Mochababe73

    It looks like a handbag that you can get from Claire’s. For that price, I’d rather have a Chanel. This is Donna Karan’s feeble attempt at being edgy. She should definitely stick to what she knows which is classic American style.

  • leslie

    Did anyone see it in this Months Marie Claire on SJP? …looks super hot! I like it!

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