Celine Clandestine Frame Bag

If you were lucky like me, you got to experience the gorgeous weather this weekend and spend some time with people you love. My sister came into town and we went out to a great dinner Friday night and spent all day shopping on Saturday. I think I am officially addicted to jeans of any length, style, cut, and designer. I got a really cute pair of Chip and Pepper cropped shorts. To me one of the best accents for a pair of jeans is a bag. Come on, would you expect me to suggest anything else? For a casual everyday look, a chic and simple bag will do the trick. The Celine Clandestine Frame Bag manifests itself in a frame shape with a pale pink leather outside which is the perfect feminine touch. There is gold hardware to accent the pale pink leather. There is a front pocket with a popper fastening which adds a distinctive touch. While the bag is nothing to call home about right away, the subtle beauty seems to be alluring. Other features include a vertical zip pocket on the front, two straps, a zip pocket on the inside along with black lining, and a purse clasp closure on the top. I can’t say that this is the perfect bag for me, but it sure is cute. Buy it through Net-A-Porter for $1395.

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  • Naggy

    This is pretty nice; I think a nurse would appreciate the practicality of it as well to carry her tools. (ipad)

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