Resort 2014 Handbag Pre-Orders

One of the nice things about fashion is that if you don’t like the season which you’re currently experiencing in objective reality when you step outside, the industry is more than happy to let you live in next season or last season, depending on how picky and/or rich you are. Prefer last season’s goods or want to save some cash? Something’s always on sale. Want to fast-forward and get the pick of next season’s litter? Resort 2014 handbag pre-orders are popping up as we speak.

These handbags, from a cranberry Gucci tote to a lime Reed Krakoff minibag, are all nominally from these brands’ Cruise or Resort 2014 collections, meaning that most of them have projected ship dates of on or before January 2014. Some, like the Fendi Peekaboo, are expected to arrive before the end of November, and a couple are projected out as far as May. Those pieces, if they are accurately labeled as Resort, will likely arrive far sooner. Whenever they show up, we’re sure they’ll be warmly received.

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  • Ingrid Kim

    Ooooof. That snakeskin peekaboo is beauuutiful.

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