I remember an era in my life where yellow gold was so out of style. No one wanted to wear yellow gold and it became associated with gaudiness, but right now yellow gold is taking center stage once again and I’m thrilled about it.

Today’s perfect pair is all about two things that are both a girl’s best friend, jewelry and designer handbags. If I received both of these items together, well, I’d have to call them a perfect match. (more…)

Sarah Michelle Gellar was spotted leaving the Andy Lecompte Salon in Los Angeles this week after getting her hair colored, carrying a compact, black Gucci Soho Disco Bag, which features a rather giant tassel at the zipper and an embroidered interlocking “G” Gucci logo. (Andy Lecompte is much beloved by non-naturally blonde Hollywood types.) You can buy your own Soho Disco in cream for $895 at Gucci.

You probably already know that Sarah Michelle’s new CBS show, “The Crazy Ones,” was very quickly picked up for a second season, but were you aware that her husband Freddie Prinze Jr. is a featured player on the new Lifetime show “Witches of East End?” “Witches” recently ended its first season right before the holiday, and has also been renewed for another season. 2014 is already set to be a prosperous new year for the Gellar-Prinze household.

Everyone has their own strategies for surviving the grey days of winter with their glamour intact. Some people take the opportunity to stock up on cashmere, others embrace lipcolor in shades of crimson and wine to provide a little bit of drama. Our personal favorite avenue, though, is to add a dose of shine to our accessories. Right now, that means trying to choose between all of Gucci’s metallic handbags, shoes and accessories. (more…)

When we think Gucci, we think of fabulous Italian style, best-of-the-best exotic handbags and leather goods with a rich historical context. All of this continues Gucci’s iconic tradition, which is why giving the gift of Gucci will leave anyone jumping for joy. (more…)

Last month, I gave you a closer look at my Gucci Bamboo Shopper and promised a full review would follow. Well, it’s here. There are many reasons I want to review this bag, but one of the main ones is very simple: I’m obsessed with this Gucci stunner. When it comes to a tote, I’m never sure if I will feel incredibly strong about it, but it turns out that this tote is one of my favorite bags in my entire collection.

Read on to see how my Gucci Bamboo Shopper scores in our purseonals ratings. (more…)

This past weekend I went to my friend’s baby shower, which is the first of many to come in the next few months. I’ve hit that stage in life where many of my friends are pregnant, so I find myself checking out baby bags and accessories often. In 2005, I wrote about the Gucci Baby Carrier, and that post still gets tons of comments to this day.

I want to revisit the idea of a designer baby carrier, and I want to know where you stand. Many moms and dads use baby carriers for their kids regularly, but I’ve never had a real-life sighting of a designer baby carrier in action. I’ve seen plenty of moms with everything from designer duds to designer diaper bags, but the designer baby carrier remains elusive.

The point of the carrier is the same as all others: to transport the baby on your person. There are a few options from Gucci, but I am sharing the classic GG print along with a zoo patch, because I think it’s cute. This carrier is meant for a baby between 7 and 20 lbs, which won’t last that long. What do you think: would you carry your baby in a designer baby carrier? Shop this one via Gucci for $850.

We shared a three part series on Gucci Bamboo, including the history of, the making of, and the authority of Gucci Bamboo. It’s easy to see why Gucci Bamboo has secured a place in the accessories world, as the quality and craftsmanship reign supreme and the designs are impeccable.

I’ve been using my Gucci Bamboo Shopper for a few weeks now and it is one of my favorite bags of my entire collection. The leather is super delicious, it’s smooshy but not too thin and after just over a month of use it still smells new. I love the texture on the leather as well. Then there are the bamboo handles which give the outside of this bag the added element that sends the design into a realm of simple perfection.

Gucci Bamboo Shopper Exclusive 3

Gucci Bamboo Shopper $2,290 and Gucci Patent Leather Pumps $595

The inside isn’t just a big space where you throw all of your items, there are three separate compartments that very practical and functional. In fact, it makes me wonder how I ever used a large tote without a thoughtful interior. Each section has a magnetic snap and there are separate pockets for smaller items. I love the bamboo handles but there is also a long optional shoulder strap as well.

I could continue explaining every little detail of the bag, and I plan to soon in our Purseonals category, but for now I had to share my absolute love for this bag. I have it in the hue of blue that is exclusive to the online store, and I can honestly say this color is as versatile as black. Buy exclusively via Gucci for $2,290.

Gucci Bamboo Shopper Exclusive small 2Gucci Bamboo Shopper Exclusive small 1 Gucci Bamboo Shopper Exclusive 4

Gucci Bamboo Shopper $2,290 and Gucci Patent Leather Pumps $595

Buying a new handbag is always great fun, but it’s even better when you’re buying an exclusive bag that’s doing its part to make the world a better place. Through September 30, you can make just such a purchase at Christie’s online-only Gucci Auction Benefitting Chime for Change, which is a Gucci-founded charity that supports education, health and justice missions for women and girls around the world. These bags are at least one purchase about which you should be totally guilt-free.

The auction includes three bags, below, all of which were made in Gucci’s Artisan Corner, which allows customers to observe first-hand the artisanal processes and handiwork that goes into creating the brand’s luxury accessories. All the bags in this materials and colorways are also exclusive to the Christie’s auction, which gives you a unique opportunity to own a piece from one of the greatest handbag brands in the world. The three bags are staple Gucci favorites, finished in luxurious neutrals that can live in your wardrobe forever. If you’ve got a gap in your wardrobe that needs filling, act quickly; these exclusive bags will be gone by September 30.

Shop the auction via Christie’s or check out the available bags below.

Gucci Python New Bamboo Bag
Starting Bid: £2,600 via Christie’s

Gucci Python New Bamboo Bag Gucci Python New Bamboo Bag Side

Gucci Large Soft Stirrup Bag
Current Bid: £1,300 via Christie’s

Gucci Large Stirrup Bag Gucci Large Stirrup Bag Side

Gucci Python New Jackie Bag
Starting Bid: £4,000 via Christie’s

Gucci Python New Jackie Bag 34-15

Very few brands reach the point of iconography, but Gucci has done it beautifully and in more ways than one. This week, our focus surrounds the famous Gucci Bamboo, including its rich history and unique manufacturing process. Just like me, I am sure that when you see a bamboo print or detail anywhere in fashion, your mind immediately returns to the brand that made it an enduring piece of fashion history. Gucci added bamboo detailing to its line long ago, and its recent resurgence is a testament to the enduring appeal of the most iconic of Gucci details. (more…)

If you don’t like fringe, it’s not time to panic quite yet. Generally, Gucci runways display a small, hyper-focused fraction of the bags that are forthcoming from the brand for any particular season’s collection, and this season, the aforementioned focus happened to include quite a bit of fringe. Long fringe. Creative director Frida Giannini has a tendency to add bohemian touches to the brand’s signature sexy, luxurious look, and that seems to be the avenue she’s decided to take with these bags.

The collection itself has numerous sportif notes, but those don’t come through on the bags, which have a much more 70s vibe to match the collection’s exquisite silk caftans. In the context of the Gucci world, the bags make sense, but I suspect fringe this long may be difficult to wear. Will you spring for one of the runway bags, or will you wait for a version without so much fringe (which is almost surely forthcoming)?

[Images via Vogue.com]

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