When we pick men’s bags to write about, we usually try to find things that will appeal to a wide audience. Men in general are newer to this whole bag thing than women are, and although some of you guys are incredibly advanced and toting travel Birkins like it’s your job, we think you’ll agree that it’s your slightly more stylistically challenged brethren who need our man bag guidance the most. For this Man Bag Monday, though, we’d like to offer you a few pieces that ought to appeal to the man bag veterans out there, and they’re all Gucci.

Gucci is among the few premier designer brands that’s willing to go out on a limb with its men’s accessories designs, both when it comes to color and detail. These designs aren’t for the dudes who are worried that someone might mistake their bag for a purse, but that’s what makes them great – they’re incredibly luxurious and highly detailed in a way that’s not at all self-conscious of what a man “should” carry. Ladies, I wouldn’t blame you for picking up one of these designs for yourself either. I’d happily own any of them.

Gucci Large Tote, $2250 via Gucci

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    The first one looks girly to me, I like the others though!

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