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  • gpc

    I just think this is a gorgeous bag. Maybe I just happen to love suede and fringe and here they are together! I wonder if you need a tall frame to carry this off? I might prefer the version that just has the fringe tassle for myself.

    • I wasn’t 100% convinced until I saw it in person (Bea and I took one to SXSW with us), but it’s a really beautiful bag in person, especially in this shade of blue. Bea’s not tall (5’3), and it looked great on her. She says she put it on the shortest strap adjustment.

  • Bagaholic

    I bought the same style, but in a bright purple and I absolutely love it!

  • Cassandra Smith

    On top of those fringe, I love the tassel effect for the zipper. GUCCI is just brilliant.

  • bikkel bob

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