Making of Gucci Nouveau Fringe Bags 1

Among the things that handbag lovers tell ourselves in order to make exorbitant accessories prices seem reasonable, “The crafstmanship is exquisite!” is one of the most popular. It’s rare that consumers get much of a peek inside that process, though. Late last year, we took you behind the scenes into the making of Gucci’s iconic bamboo trim, and now Gucci has thrown open its workshop doors once again to reveal a few of its secrets, this time with the Gucci Nouveau Fringe Bag.

These photos, originally posted to Gucci’s Facebook page, provide a glimpse inside the construction of the brand’s marquee Spring 2014 bag, including the 46 individual pieces of precision-cut fringe that make up each bag’s lower trim. The finished product can be yours for $2,500 via Gucci – check out the gallery below to see what goes into that price.

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  • gpc

    I just think this is a gorgeous bag. Maybe I just happen to love suede and fringe and here they are together! I wonder if you need a tall frame to carry this off? I might prefer the version that just has the fringe tassle for myself.

    • Amanda Mull

      I wasn’t 100% convinced until I saw it in person (Bea and I took one to SXSW with us), but it’s a really beautiful bag in person, especially in this shade of blue. Bea’s not tall (5’3), and it looked great on her. She says she put it on the shortest strap adjustment.

  • Bagaholic

    I bought the same style, but in a bright purple and I absolutely love it!

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