Gucci Resort 2012 (1) Pictures of resort accessories can be difficult to come by because no such thing as Resort Fashion Week exists – shows are far-flung and photographed less extensively than traditional collections. We’ve come up with a few photos of the bags from the recently presented Gucci Resort 2012 show, though, and one thing is obvious: Someone out there is trying to make zebra happen.

And I feel more than fine about the advent of zebra; most of us should be stocked up on exquisite leopard pieces by now, and I’m itching for something a little different. I wish that Gucci had trimmed its zebra pieces in bright leather instead of neutral beige, but it does make the bags a bit more seasonless than they would be if the leather were colorful. Check out a few more pictures plus a python option after the jump.

Images via Women’s Wear Daily.

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  • Lulugurl

    Love #1! I actually prefered the neutral trim, some of the brights I have seen look cheap, but then again this is Gucci! They would probably be amazing!

  • rose60610

    I love animal prints and exotics but there is a very fine line between doing them exquisitely vs. terribly. They tend to look either rich or cheesy. These are ok, I’d have preferred the leather in a darker color. Several years ago, Lambertson Truex had a magnificent zebra print bag and I regret not getting it. Zebra on a bag (except the LT) isn’t as appealing to me as giraffe, cheetah, leopard or tiger. Zebra on furniture, however, can be very cool (done right). I can appreciate and understand some people’s aversion to fur and animal prints, but coming from a background of farms and responsible game hunters I like many aspects of “animals in fashion”.

  • Dorit

    I love my “Zebra-Choo” (printed pony “SKY” by Jimmy Choo), really, really gorgeous, look here:
    And I think that it might not always be printed pony-fur but printed calf-fur or printed cow-fur.
    Does anybody know something about this and can tell me?
    I´d appreciate some feedback
    “DEE” Dorit

  • edoardo

    These bags are the apotheosis of volgar. Please these oens are just right for a hooker….gosh, Frida, made something more cool!

  • mochababe73

    I love that first tote. But, I love all animal prints.
    The other bags are just okay.

  • Blaine

    No – these are outstanding and beautiful and perfect for summer BUT you should pair them with a sleek neutral dress, or white-T/jeans etc. They are pretty enough and statement enough – too much else would confuse the issue.

  • Kristy

    The featured bag is really nice looking and I do love the print.

  • michelle

    Love animal prints!!

  • MizzJ

    These are super pretty! I like the light leather trim versus a bright one, as it makes it a bit more classic. Zebra print is trendy enough already!

  • lvgucci2012
  • goodnees
  • BeBe

    I agree with Rose60610…animal prints tend to look either rich or super cheap & cheesy! Ferragamo did a zebra print way back in 2002 that still looks very current & classy today. It was zebra print in black on a soft beige background & the bag itself was made out of rabbit fur. The leather trim on the bag was a dark brown which makes the bag quite versatile…I still get compliments to this day!

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