Gucci Aviatrix Boston Bag

If you could see my face right now, you would see a look of total shock. I can not recall the last few times Gucci has had me yearning or one of their handbags. There was a clutch recently that I liked, but other than that, I always pass by the Gucci store. Seeing the shop in Saks, I walk right past it to Prada. It is a sad day when once avid lovers begin to be completely turned off. But Gucci is trying to get things together for fall, and there are a few handbags that mark the spot. Being on back order is a good sign, and the Gucci Aviatrix Boston Bag proves that it is worth waiting list of people coveting it. The staple bag, the Boston, is re-done in gray ostrich with a gray velvet web and metal Gucci crest detail. Both hand held and gray are two of the biggest trends for fall, which makes this bag a hot commodity. Dimensions are 10 1/5″H x 15 3/4″W x 9″D. On back order at Neiman Marcus, but try your luck at a Gucci boutique or keep checking online. Cost is $9,300.

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  • janis

    OMG, I love this bag! I have only 1 Gucci bag and I bought it at least 20 years ago…my first designer bag. But whew, that price. What makes a bag worth that much money?

  • Michelle

    ^ The ostrich leather

    • janis

      I have ostrich boots and they were nowhere near this price.

  • Nicole

    ooh! that is actually REALLY pretty! i love it, but too bad it’s too expensive.

  • Lollywin

    It’s produced from skin of the bird that can not fly but its name specifies aviatrix!! :roll:

  • Dania (fendihunter)

    Actually, the entire Gucci line that resembles this Boston style is referred to as Aviatrix, not just the ostrich one.

  • bargainhunter

    Too expensive. Don’t like ostrich. Love the color!

  • z

    oh man! as soon as i saw this bag i instantly fell in love. gucci is really cleaning up their act. maybe fendi should take a hint….:)

  • Brittcentric

    Love this bag too bad its way too expensive. :roll:

  • samanthalous

    The Aviatrix is really classy its a throwback to the 1940’s very Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.

  • jadey –

    ouch heavey price tag :/

  • human_pudding

    I am not a huge fan of Gucci, but this bag made my heart flutter. I LOVE the Boston bag shape, and the ostrich is seriously to die for. *sigh* I want one!

  • Joan

    It is missing that certain Gucci hardware distinction.
    too drab in picture, but looks like its worth seeing it in person.

  • I love this bag ,but the price let me slip

  • Yvette

    UGH! I love animals waaaaaaaaay to much to wear their skins! If you think leather just comes from cows….think again! Be kind and go to Target and get a real cute faux bag & save$

  • Nice looking but what does a $9000 bag do? Does it talk? Magic tricks?

    • AJC

      Yeah, it talks volumes about the person who carries it, I believe. But different people might understand that “talk” differently :cool:

  • samantha

    Ugly. Too big. I’m into sleek and compact designs.

  • mindy

    I actually have this bag in th balck leather. It is the most beautiful, well made bag I have evr seen! It looks great with jeans as well as suits! I treasure this bag!!!!

  • Tash

    I bought this bag a couple of months ago, not in ostrich but in a very similar colour leather. The bag is spectacular!! I stare at it every night, I’m soo in love…..

  • zee

    I have this bag in leather its great and i did not pay that much no way

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