Earlier this week, I found out I was getting a sizable tax refund for the first time in years, and naturally, that got my mind churning about what I should do with it. All in savings? Splurge a little bit? Splurge a lot? I’ve bought some new bedding, but here’s the real question: am I getting a new bag? And if I do, where should I start looking?

That’s what got me thinking about the titular question, after a couple days of thinking, the answer seems clear: I’d get a Gucci bag, most likely. There are a lot of brands doing things I like right now–Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga both come to mind quickly–but Gucci’s fantastical game of theme and variations with its styles, prints, details and logos just makes its designs feel, well, fun. Plus, I don’t have a Gucci bag in my collection, and that is something I’d like to change.

Not all of the brand’s bags fit my personal style or are even things I like, but that doesn’t so much matter–because of the way the brand constantly churns through new variations and ideas, it feels like there’s something for everyone, but in a way that doesn’t sacrifice the brand’s specific vision. It takes a crazy amount of new ideas to keep going at this pace, and I hope Gucci can pull it off for some time to come.

So now, you tell us: which brand is your current crush? You can shop Gucci via the brand’s website.

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  • Sandy

    Well, Chanel has to be my favorite in the bag department but I am really loving so much Gucci is doing! I want a Marmont shoulder bag, I think it will be my next acquisition!

  • Taki

    Same as Sandy, Chanel is and always will be my favorite brand, but I’m also loving Gucci right now. I want the Dionysus shoulder bag in black leather.. Too bad my new years resolution is saving and less spending..

  • Sara

    LV and Gucci. Obsessed

  • Guest

    Never changes…Louis Vuitton!

  • M Green

    I find Louis Vuitton best suited for my needs and I enjoy many items in their line-up. I do look at Gucci from time to time but I haven’t bought any of their bags in years. Though I admit that their latest collections have been excellent. Hermès does nothing for me.

  • JH

    I am loving the Chanel Boy and the 2.55 right now and have been loving them for a few years but the Fendi Peekabo is another favorite.

  • Smithy

    Any that doesn’t use branding — The Row, Akris, Bottega Veneta, Valextra.

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