Allow me to make one of my personal biases clear: I look forward to seeing the bags on the Gucci runway more than almost any other bag-including show at fashion week. The brand’s notorious sense for modern glamor and sexuality often comes through best in their runway bags, and seeing them is almost always a pleasure.

I wasn’t as excited by this season’s offerings as I was for last season’s technology-influenced collection, but they were still as luxurious and detailed as you could reasonably ask. Much of the collection, which was heavy on ostrich, was also sporting a slightly modified interlocking G logo that I’ve never seen before – could it be a vintage revival, as is popular with the brand, or something completely new? I’m not sure which, but whatever it is, I think its slightly curvier lines work well for the direction that the brand is going.

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  • Jean

    They look kind of boring to me. Not very exciting colors or shapes. They remind me of YSL

  • lka

    I love them! And I especially love ostrich!

  • Kimberly

    I love image 6 it resemables the Muse II bag from YSL…Do you have more pics of this bag?

  • Mlle

    Love the vintage-y shoulder bags. Very cool. Lovely neutrals. Is everyone doing sueded croc/alligator these days? I wonder how it holds up.

    • papertiger

      I wouldn’t reccoment sueded (real) croc it’s very easily ruined

  • papertiger

    Love the ‘Boston’ style in the middle. The men’s travel bags are amazing for the same season.

  • dieanne

    The colors seem dull

  • Linda

    They don’t seem to stand out as much. Never liked Gucci in te first place.

  • ShoeQueen1961

    Mon Dieu!!! I’m salivating… This is what handbag heaven is ALL about!!!

  • GhstDreamer

    Love the Boston!!! The colours for F/W 2010 are definitely muted, neutral and toned down but still as luxurious as ever.

  • sfitting

    they’re okay.

  • hect

    love the ostrich , gave me a bit of an yves saint laurent vibe but perfect in the sense they dont look like cuban taxis like the new vuittons i like them very old day gucci in many ways .

  • Josephine

    when i saw the treatment on the first bag, my YSL comes to mind!

  • sumera akram

    omgosh! this is awesomeness!! I love #6 especially! tfs…:)

  • Karin bag4bag

    OK After looking at the Bottega Veneta bags, I am not that excited by this collection. I suppose I prefer their wild colors than the more muted tones of Gucci. If I had seen this one first, maybe i would be more enthused…

  • rachel

    I love them!? Do you have more pics of this bag? The gucci bags are amazing for the same season.
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  • katy

    i don’t think Gucci will become the dominance of the 2010 fashion week. i think the Louis Vuitton will be. but it doesn’t mean that i don’t like Gucci, or don’t have fun in it.

  • Fuji

    I like better the ostrich version of LV. No. 6 bags reminds me of Muse II.

  • fiy

    That paragraph above, Gucci bag area where bags are also good, but good! !

  • leo

    I don’t like to sell my old things, even it it too old, I also like to wear my gucci shoes to go to have a good trip. thanks.

  • mary

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    these bags Are sooo great

  • Elyse

    i love the vintage glam feel of these bags (fb)

  • Eric

    i am an avid fan of gucci bags and i love these collections-(fb)

  • Joy

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    oh gosh..
    want to get them all!!

    would take me quite long tho :(

  • lola!

    gucci lost its name

  • beanyce126

    i like this model, similar to the ostrich, but a grayish hand held. (ipad)

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