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  • bir

    fact is they are adopting all trends form other fashion houses and making their own version.i see hints of Valentino, Balenciaga , Hermes i just cant see the innovation at all except for the hint of bamboo heritage in the clutch the rest…………………………has been done and its a shame because the materials are so beautiful

  • Sandra

    The Brocade Stirrup Hobo is devine….my short list of the bag that I wanted for fall is this bag and the Fendi 2Jours. I realize that they are quite different bags…but I just buy what I love every season and the 2 bags are my favorite. I have purchase the Fendi….but have not used it yet….just in case as Nordstrom is supposed to get the Gucci soon…..and I can only have one!

    • Babs

      I saw the brocade stirrup hobo at my local Gucci boutique. It really is beautiful. For me, the only thing that stopped me from buying is that it’s bulky and the base is pretty structured so it doesn’t mold to your body.

  • ooh I want this bag!!!

  • Bebang

    Gucci Calf Hair Lady Stirrup Top Handle Bag is really beautiful!!! How I wish I could have 1 hehehehehehe =)

  • sagajagads

    Really beautiful liked all of these thanks for sharing these.mood ringcolormeanings

  • nino

    My goodness…look at that duilio top handle….orgasmic…

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