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  • disqus_0XROEpauwh

    the flower print looks like the one on the wallpaper dress Kim Kardashian wore to the Met Ball.

    • Jade

      That dress was Givenchy ;)

  • aquamarine_hk

    omg i love the blue Antigona… i would def get it when its on sale.. maybe summer 2014.. haaa

    • katia

      hahah agree! I want the blue or beige! i hope i find it one sale!

  • Sandra

    I love most all of them. I was thinking my next bag may be from another designer….but after looking at this probably not. I cannot say enough about Givenchy, beautiful and well constructed…and not to mention fabulously stylish!!

  • ymmayer

    WOW the pandora box bag!! That will definitely be my next purchase! I can’t wait.

  • jennifer

    Thank you Givenchy for putting a little more “creativity” out there…getting very same same from many top designers…kudos!

  • pixiegirlie

    The floral print reminds me of a floral jumper I had in the 90’s lol

  • Sophie Proust

    Beautiful stuff! Is anyone else missing the Obsedia crossbody, though? I discovered it late in the game, and was hoping Givenchy would reissue it in new colors or textures.

  • eli

    I love the new structures, but I wouldn’t spend thousands on anything floral. The classic ones, love.

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