Here’s Hilary Duff, leaving the gym in West Hollywood (in a pair of heels, no less!), clearly showered, blow-dried and ready to take on her post-workout day. She’s carrying both a Celine Luggage Tote and a Givenchy Antigona Bag – one bag for pre-gym, one bag for post-gym, I suppose? Celine bags aren’t sold online, but you can pick up a pale grey Givenchy Antigona similar to Hilary’s for $2,435 at Barneys.

If you’re shopping for a similar look at a markedly lower price point, do check out Amanda’s latest post in our ongoing “5 Under $500″ series: “5 Under $500: The Palest Shades of Grey.” As our regular readers well know, Hilary has an exceptional handbag collection – it’s so good, in fact, that it merits frequent revisiting. You can browse through all of her Celines and Givenchys in “The Many Bags of Hilary Duff” and “The Many Bags of Hilary Duff, Part Two.”

Finding a premium designer bag under $1,000 isn’t as easy as it used to be even a few years ago. Not only are leather and labor prices ever on the increase, but designers keep prices high in order to keep an air of exclusivity around their products and prevent lower-market customers from snagging their most recognizable (and bankable) goods. That’s what makes the Givenchy Easy Tote pretty unique. (more…)

Here are the wee Jenner sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner, trying to keep it low key (but failing miserably), shortly after touching down at JFK in NYC. Kendall is heading up the front, carrying a sexy black Givenchy Lucrezia Bag, and both sisters are pulling Louis Vuitton Pegase Suitcases. You can currently purchase Kendall’s sleek Givenchy duffel for $2,325 at Barneys. Pegase suitcases can be bought for $2,780 at Louis Vuitton.

The Kardashian-Jenner clan represents a staggering amount of business for Louis Vuitton, a fact that’s been extensively documented here on PurseBlog. For example: the Kardashian-Jenners are solely responsible for this luggage cart overflowing with LV, which took two airport employees to wrangle. The Kardashians and Jenners aren’t the only celebs that swear by Louis Vuitton, of course – you can check out our recently updated and expanded “Celebrities and Their Louis Vuitton Luggage” retrospective.

Like Celine, Givenchy names its seasonal collection a little bit differently than most. Givenchy Summer 2014 is actually the main cluster of bags that the French brand will be releasing for the season, and if you’re a little tired of that omnipresent Givenchy floral (although I’m not), you’ll be glad to find that this line is full of earth-toned neutrals, plus a little bit of red and pink. The line also includes lots of gorgeous exotics, beyond even the snakeskins that the brand has used widely in the past – there’s now some real croc to be had. For a price. Check out all the bags (which are not currently in stores, but will be soon) below.

Although menswear’s reach is expanding rapidly, I rarely find myself wishing I could hop to the other side of the gender aisle to experiment; women’s fashion is just a lot more fun. The Givenchy L.C. 24H Bag is the rare piece that makes its women’s equivalent, the Givenchy Lucrezia Bag, look bad by comparison.

I like the Lucrezia, but it’s never felt quite right to me. So many companies make bags of exactly that same shape, and Givenchy’s only tweak was the front trim extending down from the handle attachments. This bag isn’t much different, but the folded top corners and slightly domed top make it feel slightly different than bags like the Gucci Boston or the Louis Vuitton SC. It’s just enough of a change from the expected shape to make the bag feel distinct.

Those changes are likely the result of the Lucrezia being refashioned as men’s overnight bag, and the domed top gives the interior some extra roominess. Ladies like a little extra room too, though, and I can’t help but wish that the Lucrezia more closely resembled the L.C. Buy thorugh Mr. Porter for $2,625. (Also worth noting: this bag is far larger than the medium Lucrezia and $30 less expensive. Dudes be gettin’ all the good fashion deals.)

We’re not exactly surprised to see Givenchy’s celeb sweetheart Rooney Mara carrying Givenchy. Rooney wears tons of the brand’s clothes on the red carpet and is undoubtedly one of the brand’s favorite stars, so it makes sense that we’d catch her dashing out of a dance class in LA with a black Givenchy Nightingale Bag. Slouchy Nirvana tees and Givenchy? What could be more appropriate, really? You can currently pick up Rooney’s bag for $2,595 at Barneys.

You may be surprised to know that Rooney actually stars in Spike Jonze’s (newly Oscar nominated) flick “Her,” though all the glory seems to be going to Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johansson-as-a-computer. Meanwhile, there still isn’t a release date set for the sequel to the film that put her on the map all the way back in 2011 (“Girl With A Dragon Tattoo”), which is most upsetting.

Jessica Simpson was recently spotted out and about in NYC, carrying a Givenchy Leopard Antigona Bag, which seems extremely Jessica Simpson-appropriate. In case you’ve never noticed, Jessica has a jaw-droppingly good bag collection, which you can peep in “The Many Bags of Jessica Simpson.” Jessica’s exotic print Givenchy Antigona can currently be snatched up for $2,707 at FarFetch.

What’s Jessica Simpson been up to these days, you ask? One word: MOTHERHOOD. If you’re up to speed on your tabloid headlines of the last three years or so, you’ll remember that Jessica had two babies with her fiance Eric Johnson back to back. She’s still a spokesperson for Weight Watchers, and her Jessica Simpson clothing line is still flooding the racks of Macy’s and Dillard’s stores nation-wide. So basically, she’s now balancing two small children with her legit business woman obligations and is now very rarely seen in the wild.

Jennifer Garner was recently seen shopping at Kidville in LA with her adorable son Samuel Affleck (who is startlingly blond, for a kid with two very brunette parents). She’s carrying a Givenchy Antigona Bag with a lizard-embossed finish that is loaded up with kiddie stuff to the point of losing its signature shape. You can get a regular leather version of the Antigona in a similar hue for $2,435 at Barneys.

I have to admit, when I think of broken Cheerios filling the bottom of something like a Givenchy Antigona…I get a little ill. But of course, I’m a childless freelance writer, and the Givenchy Antigona is still an aspirational bag for me, while for stupidly gorgeous A-lister mother of a hundred, Jennifer Garner, it’s apparently very functional as a high-end diaper bag substitute. I understand that we inhabit two separate worlds, in almost every respect. You can browse the rest of this celeb mom’s bag stash in “The Many Bags of Jennifer Garner”.

Here’s UK singer/songwriter Lily Allen, heading in to do some press for her snarky, satirical new single “Hard Out Here” on BBC Radio 1. She’s carrying a Givenchy Mini Lucrezia Snakeskin Duffel Bag in lieu of her usual Chanel picks and wearing the Christian Louboutin Leopard Daffodile Pumps. You can get Lily’s bag in “Pearl Grey” leather for $2,595 at Barneys. The CL Daffodiles seem to be long gone from stores, but you can pick up a similar pair of leopard print Christian Louboutin Leopard Lady Dafs for $1,075 at Neiman Marcus. The Lady Dafs are essentially the Daffodiles, but with a little Mary Jane styling.

“Hard Out Here” is Lily’s first new single since 2009. In the interim, she birthed two kiddos and fine-tuned her angst towards the music industry and its near-constant exploitation of female performers as sex objects. (Everyone’s looking at you, Miley.) The lyrics of “Hard Out Here” are pretty biting, and the video is a fairly scathing indictment of the industry as well; there’s a lot of debate raging about what this video is saying, whether it’s saying it effectively and if it’s further stigmatizing black women in the process. This is pretty heavy stuff for a Wednesday, no? What’s your take on the matter, PB readers?

I’ve been up to my eyeballs in pictures of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley lately, but I really can’t complain because Rosie has a great sense of style – one that’s on par with Miranda Kerr’s, even. (YES, I said it.) Admittedly, her style is a tad more casual (and a little more English, if that makes sense), but much like Miranda, she never steps out on to the street without looking immaculately put-together. Here she is making a mad dash at LAX to catch a plane to NYC with a beautiful hunter green Givenchy Antigona Bag. You can get your own Antigona for $2,435 at Barneys.

Not convinced Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s tastes are on par with our beloved Miranda Kerr’s? Exhibit A: Here’s Rosie running around LA with a Chanel bag and a pair of over-the-knee mystery boots. Exhibit B: Here she is grocery-shopping while wearing a pair of highly affordable Isabel Marant x H&M boots, among other things. And here she is a few weeks prior, shopping with boy toy Jason Statham while wearing a pair of Isabel Marant Tacy Booties from the designer’s regular line, and carrying a sweet, leopard-print Armani tote. Exhibit C: “The Many Bags of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley”. I rest my case.

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