Givenchy handbags can be oddly hard to find on the Internet. For a big, buzzy brand that allows its bag to be sold online, not all that many major web retailers bother to stock them. Bergdorf Goodman will sell you a Givenchy bag over the Internet, but much-larger sister company Neiman Marcus will not. Neither will Saks, and up until late last week, neither would Net-a-Porter.

Some gals get really dressed up to go to the eye doctor. Here’s Vanessa Hudgens, visiting her local optician with her Givenchy Nightingale Bag. This bag’s a tried-and-true favorite of Vanessa’s – it’s several years old and she still carries it on the regular. This Givenchy bag can still be had for $1,965 at Barneys. If you hadn’t considered its nuanced boho qualities before, you certainly are now.

There are few people in the fashion industry hotter right now than Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci. He was the first designer at a truly exclusive brand to figure out that there would be a goldmine at the nexus of high fashion and streetwear, and just as many socialites as rap stars can’t wait to get their hands on Givenchy’s wares. And then there’s the fashion people, who absolutely salivate over pretty much whatever Tisci does – Net-a-Porter even carries a T-shirt that allows one to proclaim her allegiance to Team Tisci.

Here’s X-Factor judge/pop starlet Demi Lovato, carrying a particularly gorgeous, glossy new Givenchy Antigona Bag at Heathrow Airport. Demi has pretty specific taste in designer bags, as evidenced by “The Many Bags of Demi Lovato.” Even as a Disney-fied tween, she demonstrated a real penchant for Gucci, Prada and Givenchy, and we’re thoroughly unsurprised that she’s added a classic Givenchy bag like this one to her growing collection.

Just when you thought that Givenchy might be the only brand not to hop on the Celine-inspired flared gusset bandwagon, the brand new Givenchy HDG Tote pops up, brand new for Pre-Fall 2013. Although we’ve seen a lot of these types of totes in the past two years, I must say that the nail-head handle attachments on this one are pretty fabulous.

Ginnifer Goodwin stepped out of her hotel the morning after The Met Gala with her black Givenchy Pandora Bag in tow. The Pandora has long been one of my personal designer bag faves, in addition to being a perennial favorite of countless celebs. It boasts what is arguably the most unique silhouette on the market for an everyday bag, and the name of this boxy bag is a particular stroke of designer genius.

Around here, we’re not necessarily of the opinion that an “inspired” bag is a bad thing. Most bags are inspired by some other bag, after all, and as long as the new version has some kind of unique take on the original, I’m not mad at it. I can also understand why lower-priced brands go the “inspired” route – if a design connects to consumers but is cost-prohibitive to almost all of them, naturally an opportunistic company is going to fill that market gap.

Here’s Olivia Palermo and her fiancé Johannes Huebl leaving brunch in the West Village, NYC. (They definitely get my vote for best-dressed NYC socialite paramours.) Olivia is carrying a gorgeous Givenchy Antigona Tote with croc-embossed panels. This bag is a special favorite of hers (and mine) – we’ve seen her moseying about town with her Antigona in tow before. You can get the default black pebbled goat leather version for $2,405 at Bergdorf Goodman.

In general, I’m a big fan of the Givenchy Antigona Bag. Not only is it a celeb favorite, but it looks super slick in basic black, which is always a hallmark of a strong design. It’s also come in some great non-solid versions over the seasons, including a scarlet-accented black calf hair version that I tried to track down for months after it had obviously already sold out.

Here’s Lea Michele trawling around in NYC, trying to look bashful about being such a big deal. I hate to sell her short here (though I will say she does look fab in neutrals), but I really do have to reserve all my valuable text space for her adorable little Givenchy Mini Pandora Bag! The Pandora is still one of my favorite designer bags currently on the market, but if one were to lodge a complaint against it, I suppose it might be that in its large and medium-sized variations, it is a tad conspicuous, what with its unusual tilted shape and all.

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