Jessica Simpson was recently spotted out and about in NYC, carrying a Givenchy Leopard Antigona Bag, which seems extremely Jessica Simpson-appropriate. In case you’ve never noticed, Jessica has a jaw-droppingly good bag collection, which you can peep in “The Many Bags of Jessica Simpson.” Jessica’s exotic print Givenchy Antigona can currently be snatched up for $2,707 at FarFetch.

What’s Jessica Simpson been up to these days, you ask?

Jennifer Garner was recently seen shopping at Kidville in LA with her adorable son Samuel Affleck (who is startlingly blond, for a kid with two very brunette parents). She’s carrying a Givenchy Antigona Bag with a lizard-embossed finish that is loaded up with kiddie stuff to the point of losing its signature shape. You can get a regular leather version of the Antigona in a similar hue for $2,435 at Barneys.

Here’s UK singer/songwriter Lily Allen, heading in to do some press for her snarky, satirical new single “Hard Out Here” on BBC Radio 1. She’s carrying a Givenchy Mini Lucrezia Snakeskin Duffel Bag in lieu of her usual Chanel picks and wearing the Christian Louboutin Leopard Daffodile Pumps. You can get Lily’s bag in “Pearl Grey” leather for $2,595 at Barneys.

I’ve been up to my eyeballs in pictures of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley lately, but I really can’t complain because Rosie has a great sense of style – one that’s on par with Miranda Kerr’s, even. (YES, I said it.) Admittedly, her style is a tad more casual (and a little more English, if that makes sense), but much like Miranda, she never steps out on to the street without looking immaculately put-together.

I have very specific ideas about what I want to wear this fall. To a certain extent, that’s true of me all the time – I’m one of those fashion people who has developed a bit of a personal uniform for herself after a couple of years in the business, and in the past six months in particular, I’ve become very good at focusing my personal purchases only on things that really make me feel like me.

As soon as Givenchy’s Bambi-print (or “deer print” – I’m pretty sure Disney doesn’t want Givenchy using their trademarked name, but I see what I see) sportswear hit the runways back in February, it was a foregone conclusion that, like the Givenchy Rottweiler before it, the pieces would become immediate favorites of industry folks and celebs alike and make an appearance in practically every street style picture for the next six months.

Considering how aggressive and violent the famous, recently reissued Givenchy Rottweiler Antigona Tote is, you’d expect that the men’s version would be even more snarly and vicious. Alas, that’s not the case – the pup that graces the Givenchy Doberman Nightingale Tote doesn’t look overly perturbed by our presences or concerned that we might enter his yard. I bet he even likes tummy rubs.

Sofia Vergara was recently spotted doing a little shopping in NYC, dressed to the nines (per usual) and carrying a beautiful matte grey Givenchy Antigona Bag. This color is brand new for fall, so it has to be a very recent addition to Sofia’s collection. You can snatch up a grey Antigona for yourself for $2,435 at Net-A-Porter. Looking for something a little more daring?

I can scarcely remember another handbag that’s incited as much controversy as the Givenchy Rottweiler Tote when it made its debut several seasons ago, back when Givenchy was still new at putting eye-catching graphics on its bags and T-shirts, and now the bag is making a comeback. Considering how quickly the bag sold out on its initial debut and how many proud owners of the bag I still see toting it around New York City, it only makes sense that Givenchy would want to capitalize on the continued demand.

I’ve been meaning to write this love letter for a while, because the truth is, I’m in love. I always liked the Givenchy Antigona bag, I can even venture to say I began to love it, but the clutch speaks to me so much more that my “like” easily turned to full-blown love and it won’t stop. There is nothing extraordinarily special about this clutch, and I know that, but it’s simply perfect in so many ways.

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