Givenchy Antigona Bag

Givenchy handbags can be oddly hard to find on the Internet. For a big, buzzy brand that allows its bag to be sold online, not all that many major web retailers bother to stock them. Bergdorf Goodman will sell you a Givenchy bag over the Internet, but much-larger sister company Neiman Marcus will not. Neither will Saks, and up until late last week, neither would Net-a-Porter. Thankfully, that last part’s changed.

As of Friday, you can shop a pretty great debut selection of Givenchy bags at Net-a-Porter, including new-for-Fall 2013 styles like a new, more structured Pandora shoulder bag and a colorblocked neutral version of the old Mini Pandora. While we’re on the subject of mini, a new, tiny, crossbody version of the fan-favorite Nightingale is also newly on offer at NAP. Check out the site’s full Givenchy selection or shop our picks below!

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  • Stacy

    Hey Amanda!, I am in the market for a great exotic skinned bag that will last a lifetime! I do understand that the prices can be a bitch exorbitant but I am ready to take the plunge! I was wondering if you guys could do a post about the best exotics on the market so that I could see all of the options available to me. HELP ME PLEASE! Lol.


  • bg

    Forgot barneys, they sell Givenchy online :)

  • Leah

    I love the new Pandora bag… wish they had more pictures of the interior though!

  • Dominic Leto

    An extremely relevant sidenote: Givenchy launched its own e-store. It’s very incognito, and I’m not sure when it landed. It may have been today. However, their goods may only be purchased through the house’s app on iTunes or iPad/iPhone.

    • sula

      It released last week and it was created by Net-a-porter.

  • JaneH

    That shade of gray on the Antigona is just beautiful.

  • Kavita Moza

    It is very comfortable on the shoulder.I wanna refer to my frends

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