Givenchy Summer 2014 Bags 20

Like Celine, Givenchy names its seasonal collection a little bit differently than most. Givenchy Summer 2014 is actually the main cluster of bags that the French brand will be releasing for the season, and if you’re a little tired of that omnipresent Givenchy floral (although I’m not), you’ll be glad to find that this line is full of earth-toned neutrals, plus a little bit of red and pink. The line also includes lots of gorgeous exotics, beyond even the snakeskins that the brand has used widely in the past – there’s now some real croc to be had. For a price. Check out all the bags (which are not currently in stores, but will be soon) below.

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  • Sandra

    I simply love most all of them! The vibrant colors and the exotic!

  • laura

    wow. love them all!

  • Guest

    I love Givenchy’s summer bags. They are elegant and classy!

  • ReneeO

    Wow! Super collection! Love them all!

  • Louch

    Mmm croc pandora ????

  • Jumi

    Yellow and pink #Antigona… Lushness

  • Eleanor

    I don’t know when snakeskin stole my heart, but it has become a romance for the ages. Love the deep brown! And the shape is structured enough to be professional but soft enough that it’s not so rigid (I would like it for myself – I come off as aloof and frigid, apparently, so bags that are too structured can exacerbate this chilliness). An absolute delight!

    Btw I don’t know why I took a vacation from this blog but it was a mistake. I need the perk-me-up that looking at bags provides. I’m living in a city where I could see these in person, but without the fun commentary. And also sometimes I don’t want to leave my place.

  • Sarah

    So much love.

  • LabellaLuxe Boutique

    Nice clutch bags!

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