Our #featuremybag and #featuremyshoes competition on Twitter has been one of the highlights of our week. We love seeing our readers and fans take time to send in amazing photos of their favorite accessories.

Instead of giving away a $25 gift card to the winners this week, we have something we know will amp up the competition. This week’s #featuremybag and #featuremyshoes contest is being sponsored by Rebecca Minkoff. The winner for PurseBlog will receive a black Morning After Mini with a strap and the winner for TalkShoes will receive a pair of Foxy Cut-Out Wedges in their size.

How can I win a Rebecca Minkoff bag/shoes this week?

1) Follow @PurseBlog @TalkShoes and @RebeccaMinkoff on Twitter

2) Take a photo of any bag and/or shoes (does not have to be RM)

3) Tweet your photo to @PurseBlog AND @RebeccaMinkoff for your bag and @TalkShoes AND @RebeccaMinkoff for your shoes

4) Include the hashtag #featuremybag for your bag photo and #featuremyshoes for your shoes photo.

Since the stakes are higher this week, the contest will last from 12:01 AM EST tonight through Wednesday morning at 12:00 PM EST. We will choose the winners then!

Tips: Be creative. It is not always about the bag/shoes you are sporting, but how you take the photo. I like to use Instagram and Hipstamatic for iPhone to give an interesting look to my photos. Using an Android phone? Give Vignette a try!

Good luck!

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  • Daniel Saynt

    Yay handbags!!!

  • lvbagforyou

    The winner for PurseBlog will receive a black Morning After Mini with a strap. Louis Vuitton GM M40144

  • coachwife6

    I just bought an android phone. Will have to try vignette

  • Mariah

    Is the contest international?

    • http://www.purseblog.com/ Megs Mahoney Dusil


  • MrsRance

    Yeay…am so excited :))

  • Lanie

    I’m confused about the Rebecca Minkoff purse. I thought that contest was last week, not this week. Did it get delayed for some reason?

  • Anita

    Can we submit more than one entry?

  • Lanie

    Will they EVER announce who won this featuremybag contest?

  • Lanie

    Was there a featuremybag contest for this week?

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