I suck terribly at following through with my duties, one of which was to pick and announce the winner of the mini contest I ran early May. The task was to find a new name for our Bag Art category, in which we are posting our very own efforts to visualize beautiful bags.

The 5 finalists are:

Captured Couture – NYC Sara
Bagography – morgan
Shutter Bags – Ces-A
Purse-ecution – Jo-Jo
Bagstract – Erin

And the winner is:

Shutter Bags, suggested by Ces-A! Congratulations, we’ll be contacting the winners today. Also, stay tuned for more Shutterbag action in the coming weeks. We have lots in store for you passionate bag enthusiasts!

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  • [coco]

    Congrats Ces-A…

  • michaelstjames
  • Yes! Congrats to all of you!!!! We truly love the name Shutterbags and actually, funny enough, that is what Vlad suggested first! :)

  • NYC Sara

    that is a great name, congrats Ces-A! how cool to be a finalist, thanks! :)

  • Morgan

    Well this was such a surprise to get runner-up!!

    Congrats on the new name, I can not wait to see your shutter bag work in the future!

  • Ces-A

    I missed checking the internet for several days, just opened my email today after two weeks and lo and behold — I just found out about this wonderful surprise! Thank you and yes, NYC Sara’s right, it’s cool enough to be a finalist… I never dreamed I’d be bagging the grand prize! Well Vlad and Megs your blog is really a great venue for bag lovers to come together and share our ideas and thoughts so really, more power to PurseBlog!!!

  • Denise

    Congrats everyone! Shutterbags really is a cute name!

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