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Television Fans Gift Guide

My favorite thing about fashion is that people’s choices are so telling. When you understand the social language of fashion (and, by extension, of handbags), how people choose to adorn themselves is a little window into how they see themselves, just like their favorite books or college major.

Beauty Gift Guide 2014

Beauty gifts are some of my favorites, both to receive and to shop for. During the holiday shopping season, beauty brands pull out all the stops and put together boxed sets that include some of their most popular products, often at a net discount to buyers.

Botkier Holiday Gift Guide 2014

Although the contemporary bag market is full to bursting with companies vying for your handbag dollars, it’s still somewhat difficult to find a well-priced bag that feels luxurious. That’s why we’ve been huge Botkier fans for so long; since the early 2000s, Monica Botkier has been turning out beautiful leather bags at attainable prices, all designed in New York City.

International Gift Guide 2014

We know that many of our readers reside outside of the US, and even if you don’t, you may very well have someone on your holiday shopping list that does. Because international shipping and duties can get expensive unless you know where to shop, we went ahead and picked out some great gifts from some of our favorite online retailers outside of the US.

Gift Guide 2014 Tech Gifts

In this tech-centric world that we live in, finding a unique gadget gift for someone always poses quite the challenge. I find that most of us buy the tech accessories we want for ourselves, before gifts can even be given, whether it’s because we know exactly what we want or we simply can’t wait to get it in our hands.


If you have a lot of people on your gift list for the holidays, checking everyone off can get complicated quickly. That is, of course, the beauty of department stores like Bloomingdale’s–one store, one checkout, one package delivered to your home, lots of happy gift recipients.

Gifts for Men 2014

When you’re used to shopping for women’s fashion, buying a gift for your dad, brother, spouse or male friends can be a bit…deflating. Things are getting better in men’s fashion, but the colors, prints, materials and fabrications are still much more limited than those you’ll find for women.

Ultimate Handbag Gift Guide

Hopefully our gift guides thus far have helped you find some great items for yourself or the ones you love this holiday season. Of course we’ve shared plenty of bags, but we mixed in many other items as well.

gifts under 500

As we near the holidays, the PurseBlog team continues to take the guesswork out of gift-giving with our gift guides for everyone on your list. I know there are so many options out there and we all have so many different types of people in our lives; family, friends, work colleagues, spouses, kids–the list goes on.


We write about very expensive things with great regularity around here, so, to a certain extent, we’re all desensitized when it comes to expensive consumer goods. It’s hard to shock us, but when we started hunting for items to include in our annual gift guide series, it became clear that retailers have really upped the ante when it comes to gifts so expensive that they make you go cross-eyed.

Gifts for Mom 2014

Look, here’s the thing: the best advice I can give you on getting a gift for your mom, or for the moms around you, is that you should just buy them the nicest thing that you can afford and that you think they will enjoy.

2014 Gift Guide: Gifts for the Hostess

The Holiday season is fast approaching, and we’ve already kicked off the most frenzied shopping season of year with a guide full of gifts to get you started. Now I’m here to help you out when it comes to gifting the hostess, whether it’s for Thanksgiving, a holiday party or a Christmas stay with your in-laws.

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