Megs' Wish List For Christmas

The late Thanksgiving went and messed up everyone’s holiday season, from interfering with Hanukah to making the shopping season quite a bit shorter. However, Christmas is on our doorstep and I have a wish list that would make both Santa and my loved ones absolutely cringe. But that won’t stop me from sharing some of the items I am wishing for under the tree this year, no matter how over-priced.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you and yours, hope you get to spend your holidays with the ones you love!

Fendi 2Jours Calf Hair Shopper
$2,770 via Nordstrom

Arguably one of the hottest bags of the season and the best combination out there

Fendi 2Jours Calf Hair Shopper
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  • ReneeO

    Me too! That’s exactly what I want!!!

    • brandy

      Would love the Cartier bracelet for sure!!!

  • Duim Daley

    Hi Meg i love the list of your Hermes… so colorful

  • Kate

    Love the BV coat. Hope you get that for sure!!!!

  • JaneH

    The Givenchy shoes and Hermes and BV bags are just lovely.

  • Pam

    Love everything! This is the best list I’ve seen this year!

  • azeelarostam

    lovin the peach birkin!!!!

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