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  • Ms_eloquence

    Are we ever going to get a belated May birthday post? :-(

  • Kstolarchuk

    Agree! Emerald is my favorite colour AND my birthstone! I was so sad there wasn’t one as I’ve been looking for a great green bag for awhile!

  • 19yearslater

    Love all of them! I’ve been longing for a Cambridge satchel. 

  • mehrten

    UGH! RED ALERT! So loveee it

  • bryologue

    I like how structured that Bal is, but that shade of PS1 looks really luscious!

  • Sandra Rowley

    The YSL bag is a beauty, LOVE IT!!!!!

  • Red makes me think Valentino.. The Balenciaga is a beauty too!

  • OH I Would love a red handbag right about now!!! I’ve been wanting PS1 for the longest but I think I’ll have to get my hands on a red from here first then go to net-a-porter and snag that PS1. I maybe a bag snob but I also have a budget lol

  • Beautiful Red!! Jimmy Choo or Valentino, I’m torn.

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