When Amanda mentioned that she and Megs were doing wish lists for PurseBlog and asked me to partake, it was a no brainer. We’ve spent the last two months staring at the best luxury items on the web to prepare for our holiday coverage, along with being fashion fanatics ourselves, so naturally everyone on the team has found themselves coveting a few items we’d really, really like to be surprised with. My list is totally, predictably “Hilary,” and upon reviewing this post, I realized it’s filled to the max with gold items. I suppose I’m in a golden mood this year! I’ll assume that’s an omen for all the good things to come. Feel free to send along some of these items to me over at PBHQ, or use it as a guide for the gold-obsessed girl in your life. I bet she’s totally awesome.

Rag & Bone Metallic Newbury Boots
$550 via Net-A-Porter

If you know me, you know I’m a shoe girl. My closet is packed, and now my stuff is beginning to creep into my fiancee’s space (sorry Noah!), and there’s no signs of stopping. I have a particular weakness for ankle booties and have been eyeing the Newbury’s for a few years. My heart stopped a little when I saw them released in this crinkled gold leather.

Diptyque Baies Scented Oval
$45 via Amazon

I hate the look of those weird home scent-stick things, but love the idea of subtle scent. I want to place one of these scented ovals on the handles of each of the doors in my home (It’s a one-bedroom NYC apartment, guys. I only need three.) to achieve a home filled with the unique scent of Diptyque Baies. These are the perfect gift for someone for whom you have no clue what to buy. It’s luxe and feels personal.

Beats By Dr. Dre – urBeats Earbud Headphones
$99 via Best Buy

I am a podcast-a-holic. During my commute, I listen to This American Life, Planet Money and a whole host of other NPR Podcasts. Like everyone else, though, I hate the iPhone earbuds. Those suckers are always sliding out and readjusting in the NYC subway while packed in like a sardine is virtually impossible. Have mercy on me – someone please give me some properly fitting headphones so I can enjoy the sound of Ira Glass in peace.

Balenciaga Giant 12 Rose Golden Hip Crossbody Bag in Lagon
$815 via Neiman Marcus

With the recent exit of Nicolas Ghesquiere from Balenciaga and the announcement that the brand is discontinuing the Rose Gold hardware, I’m feeling a bit sentimental about this particular finish. I have a Giant City in black with rose gold, but I’d love to add a colorful crossbody to my collection. Color is out of character for me, but I’d totally rock this hue and I think the blue really plays up the rose gold beautifully.

Flannel Gingham Boxers
$29.50 via J. Crew

I prefer to be comfortable at all times and always love to wear loose drawstrings and soft fabrics. I have started to amass a collection of ‘designer’ sweatpants (Isabel Marant and T Alexander Wang are where it’s at!), but I’m in dire need of a new pair of sleeping shorts. These are so soft and would totally do the trick.

14K Shoshanna Shark Necklace
$695 via Vale Jewelry

I discovered the jewelry brand Vale last winter during a trip to Chelsea Market, and its style of low-key luxe resonated so strongly with me, I’ve snapped up a few of their pieces over the past year. This shark tooth pendant is SO cool and perfect for adding edge to an every day look.

ALLSAINTS Harley Hoodie
$150 via ALLSAINTS

A soft hoodie, with the shape reinterpreted by ALLSAINTS is perfect for layering. I just love the horn buttons, which make it extra special. And guys, ALLSAINTS’ sweaters are so soft…this is totally a great gift to give or receive.

Valentino Embellished Leather Loafers
$895 via Net-A-Porter

I had the pleasure of shoving my large feet into a sample size of these shoes and let me tell you, they are GORGEOUS. A hint of shine, flat and comfy…the perfect shoe, in my opinion. I’m a size 9, in case you were wondering.

Proenza Schouler PS1 iPad Case
$685 via Barneys

I think I’m the only person in the world who still uses that awful flippy cover thing you can buy cheaply at the Apple Store. I’d love to house my precious iPad in something cool, but unisex, because I share. My man might not care that this cover is a stylin’ piece of Proenza Schouler yumminess, but I’ll totally appreciate it.

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