Last week, we rounded up the best accessory gifts for all the recent college grads in your life. In the comments, one of you asked us to make some suggestions for high school grads, and because we like to consider ourselves a full-service blogging operation here, we felt compelled to oblige. Almost any huge life change – graduation, moving to a new city, having a baby – impacts the way a woman interacts with the things that she carries every day, and I like to think that the best way to ready someone for a change like that is to get her the sartorial equipment she needs in order to settle in to her new life.

Thus, we present you with our picks for the best high school grad gifts. Leaving home for the first time is nerve-racking enough, but there are some things you can do to make sure your grad is prepared to take on college and hit the ground running. Not to mention, if you get her a nice overnight bag, maybe she’ll come home more often. (That’s a pretty good theory, I think. Write that one down.) Best of all, all of our picks are under $600.

Hear me out on the Marc Jacobs Quilted Key Pouch, because I can’t recommend it heartily enough. Entrance to almost all modern college dorms is done either by showing your school ID to a desk clerk or swiping it through a card reader, not to mention that school IDs are usually what gain you entrance to dining halls and school sporting events. At my school (UGA, Go Dawgs), you couldn’t even buy textbooks off campus without presenting that holiest of holy cards.

That means it’s important to have your ID handy at all times, lest you essentially lock yourself out of your own life without even losing your keys; attaching one of these pouches to your key ring keeps it with you. I’ve used one of these Marc Jacobs cardholders since my freshman year in college, and eight years later (yeesh), I still have the exact same one on my key ring. I had a cardholder from a different brand prior to getting this one, but it only lasted a few months because the zipper came loose and would slide open in my purse; this one locks in place, which is a much safer setup to hold ID cards. Buy through Barneys for $175.

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  • Alexandra Davidoff

    Really loving the Marc Jacobs Natasha, and it would probably look even better when it does get beat up!

  • dnfl
  • Sol

    I´ve got my graduation coming up this week as well ;) to celebrate, I got my self the much sought-after Fendi baguette. This bag is simply stunning and I am sure it will accompany me for years to come! It is a denim version with white marguerites <3
    However: if you´re going to get a present for graduation, pick wisely! Graduation is an unique event and the present will be a reminder of it.

  • http://twitter.com/19yearslater Sarah Moe

    Great choices! I have the MBMJ petal to the metal version of that key pouch and, yeah, it’s completely wonderful. I think all of these items would be helpful to a college girl. 

  • http://www.jordanheelsforwomen.us/ jordan heels

    I have the MBMJ petal to the metal version of that key pouch and, yeah, it’s completely wonderful.

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