gift for the in laws

Let’s be honest: whether you get along with your in-laws or not, shopping for them is hard. Do you pick something that just makes sense for the woman of the house, since women are usually in charge of the gift-buying and exchanging, or do you try to find something to make the man of the house happy as well? It’s tricky, and even tricker if you’re looking to impress people who you don’t know well or haven’t known that long.

To help out, we’ve rounded up a few gift options that are sure to get at least one of your significant other’s parents happy, and if all else fails, go for comical. Even if it’s only comical for you, at least it’ll reduce your internal stress a bit. There’s something about the holidays that brings out the best in families (while also highlighting the dysfunction), so food or alcohol are also safe choices in most situations. If you’ve got better ideas, clue us (and everyone else) in in the comments.

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