Despite being in the thick of the holiday season, we haven’t forgotten what’s really important: bags. During the holidays, bags are perhaps even more important, because nothing makes a better gift. (So says us. We may be biased. Or kidding. Or both! You decide.) Really, though, if you want to give a great gift or point a very generous gift-giver in the right direction for you, we’ve taken the liberty of rounding up the season’s absolute best possible handbag gifts.

Some of them are an incredible longshot unless you’re already a VIP customer (ahem, croc Birkin), but we think some of the others might surprise you or those who shop for you. If money was no object and we could build our perfect handbag wardrobe this holiday season, these are the things we’d buy.

Givenchy Antigona
$2405 via Bergdorf Goodman

We’ve extensively documented how much celebrities adore the Antigona, and it seems like every day, a new starlet pops up with a version on her arm. Our favorite (and Miranda Kerr’s) is the classic, though – that’s why the Antigona is this year’s ultimate black bag.

Chanel Python Wallet On Chain
Price via Chanel – (800)550-0005

Python has been a huge trend for a solid year now, and we can’t think of a single treatment we’ve liked better than the delicate blue, grey and gold finish on this season’s ultimate python bag.

Louis Vuitton Burgundy Ostrich Suitcase Bag
$12,600 via Louis Vuitton

This might be called a “suitcase” bag, but we think it’s the season’s ultimate bag in fashion’s current favorite color, burgundy. I go back and forth on my feelings on ostrich skin, but in this treatment, it looks fantastic. (Of course it does, it’s Louis Vuitton.)

Fendi Astrakhan 2Jours Tote
$10,580 via Neiman Marcus

Fur isn’t everyone’s favorite, but those who love it, really love it. It’s an enormous bag trend right now, and the ultimate implementation is this colorblocked Astrakhan version – the short, highly textured fur doesn’t overwhelm the structure for the bag like most types of fur would, and the overall effect is totally luxurious.

Louis Vuitton Trunks
Prices vary via Louis Vuitton and Vintage Sources

When talking about serious travel gear, absolutely nothing compares to the ultimate – a Louis Vuitton trunk. Not headed anywhere that requires an entire wardrobe? Lots of people use them as particularly swanky home decor.

Alexander Wang Snakeskin Pelican Satchel
$1172 via Ssense

Alexander Wang just got appointed as the creative director at Balenciaga, one of the most prestigious posts in fashion, and this bag is one of the best his company has ever put out – it’s definitely this season’s ultimate contemporary bag.

Hermes Crocodile Birkin
Price on Request via Hermes

This shouldn’t shock any of you – the Hermes Birkin in crocodile is easily the ultimate handbag, period.

Judith Leiber Hexagon Rhapsody Clutch
$3995 via Neiman Marcus

Judith Leiber’s definitely the maker of the ultimate evening bag, but it’s not one of her famous object clutches. Instead, Leiber really shines when the company’s crystals are directed toward a more art deco approach.

Zagliani Tomodachi Weekender
$17,810 via farfetch.com

The gorgeous color variation in this crocodile makes this bag an easy winner for this season’s ultimate weekender.

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