Despite being in the thick of the holiday season, we haven’t forgotten what’s really important: bags. During the holidays, bags are perhaps even more important, because nothing makes a better gift. (So says us. We may be biased. Or kidding. Or both! You decide.) Really, though, if you want to give a great gift or point a very generous gift-giver in the right direction for you, we’ve taken the liberty of rounding up the season’s absolute best possible handbag gifts.

Some of them are an incredible longshot unless you’re already a VIP customer (ahem, croc Birkin), but we think some of the others might surprise you or those who shop for you. If money was no object and we could build our perfect handbag wardrobe this holiday season, these are the things we’d buy.

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  • elegant tomato

    All I want for Christmas…

  • SJHK

    I am currently selling this bag– please email me at sjhk817@yahoo.com

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