Gifts for Frenemies

As much as we try to be nice around here, sometimes, we can’t help but let a little naughtiness seep in. You’ve probably had a similar feeling at some point this holiday season – when charged with buying a gift for someone who you just don’t really like, don’t you wish you could satisfy your baser urges and buy him or her something to subtly telegraph your displeasure? Be honest. We know you’re not that nice.

And neither are we! We’ve spent several weeks detailing great gift ideas for the people on your list who you love (or at least like), but now we’ve got a few funny ideas for people who you don’t. From subtly passive-aggressive to flat-out mean, here’s how we’d indulge our harsher feelings this holiday season.

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  • Kate w.

    haha, love these

  • XXAL

    great to be your frienemy if not friend!!

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