Gifts for Eccentrics

Everyone has that friend. THAT friend. The one who shows up to a casual brunch wearing things that you wouldn’t even know where to buy, for better or for worse. Sometimes that friend is impossibly chic, other times that friend is impossibly embarrassing. Usually, though, she’s somewhere in the middle, with moments of both sartorial brilliance and insanity that make her utterly irreplaceable.

Whether the eccentric in your life is your nutty mom, wacky aunt or a quirky friend, odds are that you might be a little bit stumped about what to get her for Christmas. Fret not; I’ve accessed my inner (or not-so-inner, if we’re having a day of honesty) weirdo to round up some of the best luxury accessories that you can give to that person in your life. If you’ve made it that far and can’t think of anyone who fits that description in your circle, it’s probably you. In that case, here’s a list of stuff you’ll probably like.

Jimmy Choo x Rob Pruitt Cayla Clutch
$1,350 via Net-a-Porter

Clutch with sprinkles on it? Clutch with sprinkles on it.

Kenneth Jay Lane Frog Necklace
$275 via Net-a-Porter

A big part of eccentricity is boldness, and boldness, thy name is Giant Frog Necklace Climbing Up Your Sternum.

Maison Martin Margiela L’Atelier D’Exercices Ostrich Feather Pen
$60 via Net-a-Porter

If you think you are eccentric and you don’t own any Margiela, you aren’t actually eccentric. You’re merely aspiring.

Cutler and Gross Star Acetate Sunglasses
$550 via Net-a-Porter

Giant, detailed sunglasses are the calling card of the Fabulous Eccentric, all the way from youth to senility.

Valentino Rockstud Headband
$216 via Luisa Via Roma

Don’t ask why you need pink leather and studs on your head – ask why not.

Hussein Chalayan Hardcover Book
$85 via Net-a-Porter

Hussein Chalayan’s clothes go far beyond the eccentric to explore the outer bounds of textiles, construction and technical design. The fashion-conscious eccentric will want nothing else on her coffee table.

Christian Louboutin Sweet Charity Calf Hair and Python Shoulder Bag
$1,095 via Net-a-Porter

Animal-print calf hair, orange python, neon trim, metal studs, a big bow, and all of it on a bag that’s six inches wide. It’ll take a big personality to pull this bag off, but odds are you know someone who could do it.

Rachel Zoe Fox Fur Hat
$637 via Neiman Marcus

Nutty people love to put things on their heads. An aggressive fur hat is the pinnacle of head things.

Charlotte Olympia Toucan Leather and Suede Clutch
$595 via Net-a-Porter

If this clutch were tiny, it would be medium amounts of eccentric. At 16 inches long, it wins the gold medal at the Eccentricity Olympics. Only buy this piece for someone you know can handle it.

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