Gifts for Eccentrics

Everyone has that friend. THAT friend. The one who shows up to a casual brunch wearing things that you wouldn’t even know where to buy, for better or for worse. Sometimes that friend is impossibly chic, other times that friend is impossibly embarrassing. Usually, though, she’s somewhere in the middle, with moments of both sartorial brilliance and insanity that make her utterly irreplaceable.

Whether the eccentric in your life is your nutty mom, wacky aunt or a quirky friend, odds are that you might be a little bit stumped about what to get her for Christmas. Fret not; I’ve accessed my inner (or not-so-inner, if we’re having a day of honesty) weirdo to round up some of the best luxury accessories that you can give to that person in your life. If you’ve made it that far and can’t think of anyone who fits that description in your circle, it’s probably you. In that case, here’s a list of stuff you’ll probably like.

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  • Jae

    HOTTT.COM has some good gifts for eccentrics ;)

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