Beauty Gift Guide

As much as we’d like to give everyone a handbag for the holidays (and we really, really would), that’s just not an idea that’s within our budgets this year. Makeup, skincare and haircare, on the other hand, are a much more price-flexible gift idea; a $30 eyeshadow palette is delightful, but so is a $600 set of Tom Ford lipsticks.

Beauty gifts run the price continuum, and there is literally not a single person on this planet who can’t be plied with a lovely set of hand creams or some new nail polish. Secretly, beauty gifts are also among my favorites because all of the sets and coffrets offer ample opportunity to try new things and beef up my own stash. Below, check out some of our favorite beauty items for both giving and receiving.

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  • kindled

    I did not know that $175 hairbrushes existed!

    • Averil

      Bought that brush in London because my friends recommended it to me and it really does give loads of volume to my insanely flat, thin hair. Plus, it’s the only brush I know that comes with its own brush =)

    • sara

      I have a slightly smaller version of this brush that a friend gave to me. I don’t know how it works exactly but it make my hair more sleek and shiny than any other brush I’ve ever used.

    • Gerard Quintero

      actually its an amazing brush trust me

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