Trendy Gifts

We all have that one friend who obsessively reads fashion mags, has a Feedly full of personal style blogs and keeps track of every trend, no matter how minute. (If you don’t think you have a friend like this, then it’s probably you.) Those girls and women can be particularly hard to shop for because their ideas of what they want to wear and carry are very specific, and if you’re not paying as close attention as they are, you’re probably not on the same wavelength. If you don’t want your gift to be met with a blank stare, here are 12 super-trendy gifts to give and receive.

The problem with trying to give something very of-the-moment, of course, is that everyone else wants it too. Because of that, some of these pieces are pre-orders, but that’s the only way that you’re ever going to get your hands on them anyway. Print out the stock photo on cardstock, wrap it up in a box with a bow and put that under the tree – the recipient will understand, because she’s likely been trying to get her hands on the same item for months.

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  • twoturntables

    Fendi, I love you, but you are killing me with the weird bug charms.

  • ivy

    I really like the star necklace and the glasses. My participation in trends varies with how much I like a given trend, but I usually follow glasses trends. At least in the last few years, I like what I’ve seen.

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