Hostess Gift Guide

By now, everyone should know that a bottle of wine isn’t an ideal hostess gift, even if it is a traditional one. At dinner parties in particular, party-throwers probably have taken wine pairings into consideration, and an extra bottle will, at best, get lost in the shuffle. Instead, pamper a hostess with something a little luxurious just for her – cashmere slippers, a bottle of luxury bubble bath, a little something for her home. With pre-holiday fetes and Thanksgiving feasts just around the corner, we’re going to kick off our 2013 Gift Guide with a step-by-step primer for treating your host.

Just like any gift, a hostess gift should vary in price and type based on your relationship with the recipient, but for hostesses, it should also be dependent on the occasion. If you’re attending a cocktail party at her house, a thoughtful token of your appreciation is fine. If she’s putting you up in her home for a week over Christmas, get ready to give something a little more significant. We’ve got the whole spectrum covered, from $18 to $500, below.

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  • kindled

    I think wine is a great hostess gift, as long as you give it with the understanding that it need not be uncorked while you’re there–the hosts can enjoy it later. Wine runs the spectrum of prices and only the fanciest of wine drinkers are going to look at a bottle of wine and be displeased.

    • Georgie

      I agree wine is great as a host/hostess gift. However if your host is having a few people over they may not want to receive copious amounts of wine, also not everybody drinks so it may not be wise to assume-I don’t know I think flowers are a lovely hostess gift because people rarely buy flowers for themselves and they come in a wide range of prices.

      • Tian

        I agree. It is pity that people buy flowers less often now and it makes me feel nice flowers are a real luxury treatment for the hostess that they may never buy for themselves. I like to offer things that people rarely buy for themselves as gift – that is what gift supposed to be a nice surprise and indulgence

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