August Birthday Gift Guide Peridot Handbags

To be honest, I’m not sure if I have even felt that summer feeling yet, but in a blink of an eye the entire season has passed me by. After being super busy with work and traveling, it has meant I woke up and it’s nearly the middle of August. There’s still time for our August birthday girls, so I put together a gift guide with your birthstone, peridot. The light green color is a little hard to wear after mid-September, so I choose some fun pieces and many very affordable ones for this birthday gift guide. Let’s see what we found!

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  • Petra B.

    Oh the Olympia Le Tan!! So cute!

    • shueaddict

      I would agree … BUT… I have just seen an O LeTan in person last night and I must admitt I was a bit underwhelmed. I have coveted these bags for years and touching it and seeing it held by my very stylish friend, I must say it was a bit of a downer. It was more a literary than fashion statement.
      She had “Madame Bovary” – perhaps not the most visually striking design … or book subject for that matter. You must really really love the book and the look to make that work (she also wants to buy an “Anna Karenina” so you can say she is commited).
      I know Amanda’s heart is “Gone with the wind” … and even Megs had to ask whether it was a wise purchase or not … I guess it is a deeply personal choice.

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