Not to create a panic or anything, but Christmas shopping season (online, at least) is almost over. The whole gang here at PurseBlog has spent the past month scouring the web for the best and most giftable (that’s not a word, but we’re going to call it a word for now, ok?) items for people who love luxury accessories as much as we do. Naturally, in the course of all that searching, we’ve come across some stuff that we wouldn’t mind finding under our own trees.

Megs and I will both be sharing our personal holiday wish lists with you, and I’m up first. Below, you’ll find a selection of the things I’d most love to receive this Christmas, or, alternately, a good start on your PurseBlog Amanda costume for next Halloween. If I remind you of your niece or someone, well, now you know what to get her. (If you don’t like her that much, proceed directly to the lipstick portion of this guide. It’s the least expensive thing on the list.)

Proeza Schouler Holographic PS11
$2115 via Luisa Via Roma

We’ve already discussed this PS11 at length today, but I cannot emphasize enough how much I absolutely adore it. A handbag that makes me feel like this one only comes along maybe once every year or two, and I would love to have it in my closet.

Givenchy Haircalf Antigona
Currently Sold Out

This version of the Antigona may end up being my One That Got Away – I waited too long and now it’s sold out everywhere. But hey, this is a list of wishes, right?

ASOS Curve Tank With Embellishment
$70 via ASOS

I’m in the process of getting in better shape, and in the meantime, that means that I often find myself searching high and low for options that are even vaguely fashionable, often in vain. Almost all of my favorite things in my wardrobe come from ASOS Curve, which I think is easily the best, most fashionable plus size line going right now. I’d love to pair this beautifully detailed tunic with a whole host of things in my closet.

Miu Miu Crystal-Heel Suede Moccasins
$650 via Nordstrom

I have a serious love for Miu Miu’s embellished oxfords, loafers and other flats, and this pair would make a lovely addition to my collection.

Eddie Borgo Pink Lotus Cone Bracelet
$375 via Neiman Marcus

My favorite type of jewelry is that which one cannot wear to the airport, and Eddie Borgo’s signature cones, re-imagined in a super modern multichrome finish, very well might be considered a prohibited weapon.

Tom Ford Santal Blue Eau de Parfum
$205 via Nordstrom

I’ve been stalking this perfume since a scent-addicted friend came to visit me in August. I’ve been to Bergdorfs to buy it twice and balked both times. It’s exactly the kind of thing I would love to receive as a gift, mostly because then I don’t have to fret about spending $200 on a tiny bottle of perfume.

Yves Saint Laurent Arty Ring
$290 via Net-a-Porter

I’ve always admired the Arty Ring, and now that it’s being discontinued (GRRRR. Hedi Slimane! Ruining everything.), now’s the time finally to get one. Well, to receive one, hopefully. This rose gold-plated version with hunter green glass is easily my favorite of all time.

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Lipcolor in L’Exquise
$32.50 via Neiman Marcus

Over the last year, I’ve turned into a lipstick addict, and a deep, blue-based red is my favorite way to go. Chanel’s Rouge Allure lines are unquestionably my favorite lipsticks – the colors are super pigmented, the formula is incredible and the click-up packaging is the best in the business. Plus, who doesn’t want a little bit of Chanel in her stocking?

Valentino Rockstud Noir Crystal Flats
$995 via Neiman Marcus

Fun fact: Because of a sports injury from more than a decade ago, I can’t wear high heels. I mourn that fact every day, but I try to make myself feel better by stocking up on the best flats available. I usually prefer oxfords or loafers, but these skimmers are so perfect for me – black on black on black is my favorite color combination, after all – that I’m not even concerned about the shape.

  • Patreisha Richey

    I LOVE the Valentino flats. They carry the same feminine/edgy feel as their bags.

  • Miles

    Amanda, I love your style – I’m going to use this to show it to my hubby and say “buy me these….”

  • Aparna

    I think you meant to say ‘sports injury’ rather than ‘sports industry’.

    • Amanda Mull

      You are correct! Thank you for pointing that out so I can fix it.

  • Amanda

    The title of this article says it all : D

    • Aparna

      Btw, love your wish list. :) Forgot to add that in my previous comment.

  • Bratty1919

    Love the YSL Ring! Gotta have it!

  • Candace

    L’exquise is not a red. It’s a neutral tan brown. Kinda pinky…so what’s the matte red color’s name?

    • Amanda Mull

      I’m not sure! L’Exquise’s little swatch looked like it matched up the best with the color in the photo. I hate trying to buy lip color online for that reason.

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