Gifts For Mom

Getting a gift for your mom can be tricky, no matter her age. You want to carefully straddle the line between luxury and practicality; I don’t know any moms who aren’t busy (my mom, who is retired and has two grown children, still never picks up her cell phone because she’s always out and about), and I also don’t know any who couldn’t use a little bit of a treat. Combining those two ideas is what makes the perfect gifts for mom.

Below, we’ve tried to pick a dozen gifts at different price points that would work for moms of nearly any age. They’re timeless, luxurious indulgences that will make your mom feel like a million bucks. I wish I owned most of them myself, and I don’t even have kids. If you’re looking for more bag ideas for moms, check out our 2013 Ultimate Bag Gift Guide.

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  • hfromt

    Bravo Amanda…you hit the nail on the head when it comes to gift ideas for mom! As a mother of two daughters in their late teens, I can say I would be thrilled if they purchased any of these for me (p.s., I already have the Isabel Marant Etoile cardigan though!!). Great list!


    Purse hooks make great gifts for moms as well! They keep those beautiful designer purses from dirty floors & crowded tables and come in so many different styles & designs to match any handbag!

  • MamaM

    Great list! The tote, in red, is currently 50% off! The watch is beautiful, but for the money, I’d go with a company known for watches. I also like the trench coat (the fact that it’s red probably has something to do with that), but I’d go with Burberry.

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