With the brisk winds rolling in, the bitter air, and the snow that is beginning to fall in various parts of the world, we all know that winter is here. After next week, the holiday shopping frenzy will take off and the countdown to opening presents will become imminent. I hope you all have your wish lists made, your fire places ready to go, your ski’s packed, and your warm clothes out, because winter is finally here!

With the season change, we decided Purse Blog needed a mini-makeover. The color scheme has gone to winter blues, and the logo has integrated snow flakes and a winter wonderland scene. We hope you enjoy our winter version of Purse Blog!

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  • Kelley

    Love It!

  • Fashion Critic

    Great new design. Very festive :lol:

  • Nirodha

    Hey, it’s late Spring down here where I am! ;)

  • Jahpson

    I was just about to comment on another post about the background. I really like it

  • my new bag


  • wordbox

    I love it! It looks fantastic.

  • bethany

    whoa i love these colors!

  • purse=heaven

    it’s beautiful! thank you =), it looks greatl :grin:

  • cherry pie

    love the new festive theme.

  • katkooty


  • MissTiss

    I love it!!!

  • dmf120

    Love the new look for winter! Great job!

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