Valentine's Day

With Valentine’s Day approaching quickly in a little less over a week, you may want to follow my lead and get your gift shopping done early this year. Damn straight, Megs doesn’t know (yet), but I am on top of my game! Having spent the last two V-Days separated, I have to make this one special and I don’t plan on holding back at all! :-D

Ladies, why don’t you indulge your loved significant other with some stylish Paul Smith Cufflinks, a very cool Mini Cooper Billfold or a Naked Lady Wallet?

Don’t have anyone to treat this year? Not a problem at all. Just treat yourself! Fashion retailer eLuxury has a great Valentine’s Day Gift Guide up online, I suggest you hit them up and see what they got to offer.

Regardless, get your gift shopping done early. Don’t give your loved one a reason to believe that you waited until the last minute, that goes for date arrangements as well as gifts! Ready, set…. GO!

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  • That is what I like to hear!!! :-D

  • Naggy

    Gift guides like this are so useful. (ipad)

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